December 2, 2021

Using Marketing Bots to Track Digital Campaign Data Anomalies

There are a lot of digital marketing technology options for digital marketers to choose from. It can seem overwhelming at times to figure out what to add to your tech stack versus what to build yourself in order to most quickly and accurately setup, monitor, and evaluate digital campaigns. As a data-driven, data-first agency, we at Statwax are always intrigued to figure out how we can use the tools we already have, know, and trust to give us information we need in an easy way. This is especially true when we are the caretakers of thousands of digital marketing campaigns running on a number of digital platforms across dozens of clients. The volume of data generated by these campaigns can be enormous and difficult to parse through. Additionally, the quantity of data can sometimes obscure data cues that might show us areas for improvement or opportunity in a campaign. We have looked to solve this problem by creating our own performance marketing technology via bots that detect digital campaign anomalies. 

How Marketing Bots Help Digital Marketing Teams

Many times, digital marketers are having to take large amounts of time to look at digital campaign data in search of any anomalies in performance, spend, or tracking to KPIs. Or they have to put in a request to their data team or business intelligence folks to take a look at a data set for them. We asked ourselves what we could do with the time saved if we could circumvent these processes with marketing automation. That is how the idea of our data anomaly bot, Anomaly Bot, was born. 

Our marketing bot is set up to automatically detect data anomalies (positive or negative) and to proactively send a message to our digital marketing folks to alert them of these irregularities. Instead of spending time tracking down data pulls or having to analyze reams of data, Anomaly Bot does the work for our digital marketing teams to let them know anything that is out of the normal parameters for digital marketing campaigns. This is not only a time saver, but helps teams react more quickly to capitalize on opportunities or address challenges that the data anomaly bot has alerted them to. 

How Our Data Anomaly Bot Works

Anomaly Bot can track across campaigns, platforms, and accounts to give a complete picture of what is happening in digital campaigns and help teams make smart, quick, and informed decisions all in one centralized location. 

The bot utilizes time series models which are built and run each day to determine if the previous day’s metrics are out of the pre-determined and expected data range. Any metrics that fall outside of the range are considered an anomaly and automatically reported to the team. Our team chose to integrate Anomaly Bot with Slack, as that is our primary communication tool as an agency. Anomaly Bot will message the correct channel with any anomalies and each one is specifically called out to the team. 

Our team has set up time series models and anomaly detection at the following levels in order to aid our digital marketing teams:

  • Account
  • Platform
  • Campaign
  • Ad group
  • Keyword

Data Anomaly Bot Benefits

There are many benefits a data anomaly bot can bring to a digital marketing team. As we have mentioned, a data anomaly bot is that it can both catch potential issues (or opportunities) early and efficiently. Additionally, a bot can help a digital marketer more easily track the impact of changes they have made, whether that is to strategy, platform, budget, or a host of other variables. A good example of this detection is in the area of campaign keywords. Keywords can often have large fluctuations in CPC and early detection of this volitiatry can help digital marketers make smarter budgeting decisions. 

Also, bots like Anomaly Bot can help with detecting information between traditional digital campaign performing periods. Many platforms used by digital marketers are set to look at metrics period over period. While this is important, it can potentially gloss over any day-to-day changes that might be imperative to good campaign performance. Having a marketing technology that can proactively monitor and inform these more micro bits of information can help ensure that critical data isn’t missed and capitalized on. 

It is our belief that digital marketing campaigns should first and foremost be data-driven. Yet we know (no really!) how much data can be generated and that both digital marketing and data science teams can often lose large amounts of time analyzing data or seeking answers to questions in the numbers. With a simple, yet effective, technology like Anomaly Bot, your digital marketing team can not only save time, but be equipped with the right information to help your brand grow. 

Interested in how your business could use Anomaly Bot? Reach out to our digital data experts today. 

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