Statwax Elbow Method

Our approach to digital advertising is different from your typical agency. We believe a human element – elbow grease if you will – is still crucial to ensuring the advertising we create and place for our clients is top-notch. And even beyond that, we constantly generate new ideas to help our clients beat their competitors, keep them informed on the newest marketing tactics available, and continually optimize their campaigns to get the best results for the best costs.

In fact, we believe in this way of doing business so much, we gave it a name – the ELBOW Method (catchy, eh?).

The ELBOW Method encompasses our approach to working with each client. It’s a blueprint customized to achieve the best digital advertising results and the best relationship with you. We want to ensure that everything we do sticks (from communicating results to running highly performing campaigns), and the ELBOW Method, along with our team’s elbow grease, makes that possible.

The Elbow Method: Evaluate

The only thing deeper than our love of analysis is how far we dive into the current state of your digital advertising efforts. We’ll evaluate what’s keeping your brand afloat (and any leaks in strategy) as well as for your competitors, and provide you with a detailed audit and set of opportunities to take your campaigns to the next level. Are you wasting dollars on irrelevant keywords or platforms where your audience doesn’t frequent? We’ll let you know from the start of working with us.

The Elbow Method: Locate

Based on our findings in the evaluation stage, our team will provide a list of strategic recommendations centered on our research and your budget, for what ad types, platforms and placements would be best to reach your ideal audience. It’s all about the location. As with everything we do, all recommendations from this stage are based on data, expertise and achieving your company’s goals – not based on any rebates, kickbacks or special deals with have with any platform or vendor.

The Elbow Method: Build

During this stage, we’ll custom build your campaign on each platform we run ads. No cookie cutter, set it and forget it, campaigns here. We will write your ad copy, build out your audience segments, create and set up all relevant tracking and place ads. All done by hand, by your account team, not a robot or faceless program. Why? Because we believe that If you build it correctly, the customers will come.

This is also the stage where we continue to build our relationship with you. You will hear from your account team not only each week on a status call, but throughout each week as they share results, platform updates and strategies that are aimed to meet your goal.

The Elbow Method: Optimize

Optimization is the yin to the build stage’s yang – one cannot perform well without the other. After allowing ads to get their legs underneath them with initial campaign launch, we’ll hit the ground running to optimize ads based on significant, tangible performance.

What does optimizing really mean? It means making decisions based 100% on data and experience and getting the most conversions, whatever they may be, at the best price for you not just once, but every day. It means learning how your customers behave, and where and when to reach them – after all, what you don’t know can’t convert you.

The Elbow Method: Wax

The ELBOW Method isn’t just done when you become a client – our account teams are constantly cycling through these stages to meet your goals as you introduce new products, expand your budget or look to reach new audiences. There’s nothing stagnant about good digital advertising – results come from a constantly changing melting pot of your campaigns, consumers, and industry advancement.

We won’t let your digital needs turn cold, because we know that continuing to reshape through strategy and optimization is the key to making your customers stick. In that way, the ELBOW Method is built to seal the deal on your brand’s goals. Or as some might say, on the whole ball of wax.

Ready to add some
elbow grease to your campaigns?