December 13, 2022

Big News

Some big news for Statwax…

When Statwax was started in 2015, our goal was to become the most trusted growth marketing partner that we could for our clients. Over the years, we have become laser-focused on the skills we bring to our clients – digital advertising, SEO, data & analytics, digital creative strategy, and project and account management – and invested in building award-winning expertise in the higher education and SaaS industries. At the center of this work has always been our purpose – to be a true partner to our clients to help them grow their businesses. 

From starting with a small, scrappy team to building up five core services, working with some of the largest colleges and universities and technology companies in the country, and building a team of diverse perspectives, voices, and experiences, we are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish in the past seven years towards that purpose. And now, we are ready to announce the next exciting chapter in our journey, as we have recently been acquired by TrendyMinds, an Agency of PreferenceSM that delivers strategic, creative, and interactive services to clients who want to positively impact their target audiences through empathetic marketing. 

Why acquisition and why now? The needs of our clients in a highly competitive world have continued to demand of us even more holistic, integrated marketing strategies and approaches. Merging with TrendyMinds enables us to level up what we can offer our clients exponentially. Not only does it help us grow our core digital services, but enables us to offer marketing elements we have never offered – production, full creative services, web development, etc. – to help our clients meet their needs and the needs of their customers. 

This acquisition also enables us to provide amazing new opportunities for our people – the ability to work with more teams, different sectors of clients, and to have the resources of a nearly 30 year, award-winning agency at their fingertips. In TrendyMinds, we find a team that embraces similar core values, approach to company culture, and emphasizes people being the center of a good team and a good business.

We are so excited about what the future holds for our clients and our people as we become part of the TrendyMinds team. To all of our clients, past and present, thank you for your partnership and trust over these years, and we are excited about all the new ways we might be able to help you with your growth goals moving forward. To all of our team members, thank you so much for the hard work you put in that helped us get to this place of growth, and for each of you being you – it has made Statwax a destination employer and award-winning culture that we are extremely proud of. 

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