Statwax Team Spotlight: Ryan Gallup, Vice President

The Statwax team exhibits a fair amount of fearlessness in that we rarely, if ever, shy away from the unknown. It’s just as true when we explore new digital platforms and tools as it is when we try a new lunch spot or networking hangout. Together, the attitude to explore, learn, and grow leads to an incredible amount of shared knowledge, experiences, and of course – great stories.


And from these incredible experiences we find one of Statwax’s greatest storytellers. Meet Ryan Gallup, Vice President. From setting out to hike the John Muir Trail, to driving digital strategies and supporting client success, there’s no goal too daunting for Ryan. Read the Q & A to hear some of his experiences from his four years with the team.

What makes you proud to work at Statwax?

I really enjoy the culture and how it adapts as the team changes. I like that we do different types of events based on the team’s interests. The Statwax office is a very open, welcoming environment, and there is opportunity to become really involved in other team members lives.


How does Statwax support your professional development?

I’ve been able to complete the TrueU professional development Leader In Training program. I have also gone to conferences including Hero Conf in Austin and Centro training in Chicago. Statwax makes sure that I have the opportunity to go offsite and spend my days learning anything from professional skills to actual execution skills within digital marketing.


What qualities do you think sets Statwax apart from other digital marketing agencies?

The culture is incredible, but also the drive to make sure high level thinking is executed on every level is a unique quality of our agency. Every person has a voice and opportunity to grow.


What activities does Statwax offer to promote team building?

We do monthly board game challenges and when possible we show up and support each other at events. We’ve also done escape rooms and several different happy hours.


What is your favorite thing about working in the Statwax office?

The open environment where people can bounce ideas and strategies off of each other.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Anything to do with hockey, shooting guns, hiking and spending time with my friends.


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