Statwax Team Spotlight: Holly Rhoades, Account Executive

The Statwax team is the driving force behind our agency’s passion and enthusiasm. Their ideas shatter status-quo campaign optimizations, and turn the office into a hotspot of innovation, creativity, and entertainment. A team this unique shouldn’t be restricted to the office walls, so we’re continuing to highlight Statwax team members to bring you into their energetic atmosphere.

For our second blog in this series, we’re excited to introduce Holly Rhoades, an account executive working from one of our satellite locations in Dallas, Texas.

Every team member contributes a unique perspective to the Statwax culture, yet our collaborative spirit important to everyone, and Holly is no exception. Holly truly enjoys the team spirit that embodies the Statwax office. She believes that what sets Statwax apart from other companies is how focused the leadership is in empowering every team member, and the emphasis placed on encouraging everyone to continue their education. When Holly isn’t optimizing her clients accounts, she can be found making us laugh with a witty retort, between the pages of a good book, or catching up on Madmen. We asked her a few questions so you can learn more:


What is your role at Statwax?

I am an account executive and I help our clients increase conversion rate on landing pages through ongoing testing and optimizations.


What qualities do you think sets Statwax apart from other digital higher ed marketing agencies?

We try to be a true partner and not just a vendor. For example, if one of our clients is having a problem or has a marketing question that’s outside our realm of expertise, we always give our best feedback that is the most applicable to their marketing as a whole. We really try to be an extension of our client’s team, by building trust and relationships.


What do you think is the biggest difference in working with education clients compared to other industries?

The biggest difference is that education clients are focused on such a long game. They are selling a lifelong decision, so it takes a lot more time than marketing in other industries. There is also a huge focus on remarketing.


What is your favorite thing about working in the Statwax office?

I enjoyed working in the Fishers, Indiana office because of how open the office was. One of my favorite things about working with the Statwax team is how approachable everyone is about any questions I have, and the coachability of all the team members. And that hasn’t changed since I began working at our satellite location in Dallas – we’re always collaborating throughout the day through Slack and hopping on Zoom calls.

How do you spend your free time?

I like to read and watch movies. My favorite TV show right now is Madmen.


When coworkers come from other offices to visit, what’s one thing you highly recommend they should do in the Dallas area?

They should eat at a seafood restaurant!

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