October 13, 2022

Statwax Partners with the Lumina Foundation on The Million Dollar Community College Challenge

We are excited to announce that we have been selected by The Lumina Foundation, an Indianapolis-based private foundation committed to making opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all, to provide digital marketing consultation to the finalists of the foundation’s Million Dollar Community College Challenge


The Million Dollar Community College Challenge asked community colleges across the United States to think about how they would better engage and enroll more adult learners and submit a plan for the potential to earn a grant to make their plan a reality. For many community colleges, they have seen a downturn in enrollments brought on by a shift in student populations and enflamed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Million Dollar Community College Challenge encouraged schools to look beyond their traditional models of attracting and retaining students and to think about how to use marketing to build better connections with adults looking to further their education and how to engage and build communities. 


Ten individual community colleges were selected as winners of the Challenge and are being provided with technical assistance and dollars to make their vision for their schools come true. Out of those ten schools, one winner was chosen to receive a $1 million dollar grant to aid in the strategic and marketing efforts of the school. 


Statwax was chosen as a technical assistance partner for the ten finalists selected in the Millon Dollar Challenge. As experts in digital marketing for higher education, Statwax is providing a package of consultation and strategic deliverables to each of the finalist colleges, including


  • Calls with our digital marketing experts
  • A “State of Higher Ed Marketing” presentation and Q&A session
  • Digital marketing audit to provide baseline information and recommendations for improvement based on goals
  • Market specific modeling and analysis and identification of opportunities for each school
  • Recommended roadmap for future digital strategy
  • A series of webinars and talks for further information and future use to schools


We are excited to be able to lend our digital expertise to such an impactful group of colleges. As part of our mission is to be the most trusted partner for higher education institutions, having the ability to provide guidance and expertise to schools that are looking to better reach populations they think can benefit from the additional skills and education they offer is exciting and fulfilling for our team.


Want to know how we might be able to help your community college better reach adult learners or other community members? Reach out to us here! 

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