September 12, 2019

Statwax Location Spotlight: Detroit

One of the many reasons the Statwax teams appreciates all things digital, is its ability to reach anyone, anywhere. That sentiment is true not only of our client campaigns, but also our partnerships and even in our team culture. We’re proud to have cultivated a sense of culture and identity that spans beyond our headquarters, and travels the distance to our satellite offices. To showcase our different locations and the cities they thrive in, we asked our teams to tell us about each Statwax location. Read the Q & A to learn more about our Detroit Statwax office, and what we recommend knowing, seeing, and doing in the area.

What are your top three favorite places to eat near your office?

There’s so much to devour in Detroit and the surrounding areas. To impress your palate, I recommend Selden Standard and their incredible small plates. For something comforting, head to Pho Lucky in Midtown – don’t be fooled by the unassuming décor, the food is phenomenal (phonomenal?). And if you’re looking for a truly unique breakfast or lunch experience, check out Rose’s Fine Food.

What are your top three things to do for fun near your office?

      1. Campus Martius calls itself Detroit’s gathering place. In the heart of downtown it holds true to that claim through all seasons. In the winter, lace up your ice skates. In the summer, kick off your shoes and walk through the city’s own downtown beach.
  1. Bell Isle is a 982 acre park situated on the Detroit River between the USA and Canada. It’s full of beautiful views and landscaping, as well as an aquarium, conservatory, Great Lakes museums, and more.
  2.  Detroit is an entertainment haven. Within a short walk you can see Lions and Tigers and Pistons (Oh MI!) and Red Wings. There’s almost always a game between the lot of them. There are also several music and theater venues with a constant rotation of touring talent.

What are three things you wish other people knew about your office location?

  1.  There’s no such thing as “South Detroit.” I’m looking at you Journey. If you’re standing in the heart of Detroit looking south, you’re looking at Canada. The band made it up. This fact aside, Detroit has an incredible history in music from Motown to more.
  2. The first paved road in the US was Woodward Ave. and whether it’s abandoned Packard Plant tours or the Dream Cruise, this is a city proud of its history in automotive.
  3. The Detroit Metro Airport has two main terminals… and they’re not close by each other! If you’re flying in or out, make sure you check that you’re in the right place.

What is your favorite team-building activity to do near your office location?

There are several escape rooms with a huge collection of themes, which make for fun challenges and a never-ending rotation of creative experiences.

Where are some great places to volunteer near the office?

There’s something for everyone, no matter what you’re passionate about. For longer term commitments, you can work with animals at the Detroit Zoo, or with kids through the local Make a Wish chapter. There are plenty of local pantries and environmental clean-up endeavors as well.

What are your favorite digital marketing groups/meetups near your office?

The Detroit AMA group, with ongoing events and resources

Design Core Detroit, a local design network

What are your favorite conferences for knowledge and inspiration near your office?

The Detroit Summit, held each fall

Michigan Marketing Summit, a spring conference focused on brand marketing


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