data integration + warehousing
custom dashboarding
predictive acquisition modeling
analytics + tagging cleanup
customer journey mapping + analysis
marketing automation
Advanced statistical modeling and data mapping helped improve enrollments by 36% while reducing ad spend
Business data integrations allowed us to scale ad spend by 20X while still improving SQL volume and closed customer rates

Real, Measurable Success

“You have some very advanced data folks and capabilities working at Statwax that agencies just do not ever tend to have.”
Vice President
“It’s not just here’s data, it’s here’s data we can use in context with so many other things as we look at our whole enrollment.”
VP for Marketing, Comms & Enrollment
Director of Data Operations

Jordan Dickey is the Director of Data Operations Statwax, where he spearheads the company's data-driven culture. Jordan directs the team in the strategy and organization of all things data so both internal and external teams can make informed optimizations to improve client performance. Along with guiding data strategy, Jordan is a visualization and reporting guru who enjoys nerding out over a well-built dashboard. When he isn't pouring over thousands of rows of data, you can probably find Jordan watching sports or playing wheelchair soccer.