Search Engine

The goal is simple: acquire more of the right prospects, and spend less to do it. The solution is our secret sauce - involving platform-specific expertise from paid search to connected TV and everything in-between.
paid search strategies
paid social strategies
ABM Strategies
CRM + platform integration
performance creative

Search Engine

Where most SEO teams stop short, we’re just getting started. Because strong SEO is about more than just keywords and content. You need a partner who can ensure even the technical pieces are in place to help you stand out from the crowd every time someone searches.
content strategy
technical SEO
website launch planning
Algorithm Update Recovery
page speed & experience


Turn your jumble of data into a clear roadmap for success and scalability. Tracking, attribution, modeling, and more provide new marketing insights and opportunities that others only dream about getting.
data integration + warehousing
custom dashboarding
predictive acquisition modeling
analytics + tagging cleanup
customer journey mapping + analysis
marketing automation


The right message is only half the battle. Make sure your brand stands out with data-backed design work to ensure that everything from landing pages to ad creative looks its best - without requiring bandwidth from your internal team.
ad creative
landing page management
UX design
creative a/b testing
persona development
creative competitor analysis
Improved lead-to-customer rate by 53.6% year-over-year, all while scaling spend, lead volume, and customer volume to all-time highs for the client
Produced 3 months of all-time highs in lead and customer acquisition, while reducing the days to get from lead to customer by 28%

Real, Measurable Success

“Statwax has been instrumental in our customer growth and how we approach digital marketing.”
Marketing Director
“I’m a BIG fan of what Statwax is bringing to our digital demand gen activities.”
SVP of Sales and Marketing
“I have been so impressed with Statwax’s organization, action, and expertise across all aspects of SEO that we have needed.”
VP for Strategic Enrollment
“Statwax has helped us totally reshape how we look at our marketing and our business.”
VP for Marketing, Comms & Enrollment
“You have some very advanced data folks and capabilities working at Statwax that agencies just do not ever tend to have.”
Vice President

Webinars About Our Approach

Our mission as a company is simple, yet impactful: To be the most trusted digital advertising partner for higher education institutions and customer acquisition businesses and employer for digital advertising enthusiasts.