February 16, 2022

What Are Growth Marketing Channels?

As SaaS professionals, you know that growth is key when it comes to surviving in your very competitive industry. If you aren’t growing your user base, then that’s bad news. Not to fret, growth marketing is designed to achieve…well, growth!

What exactly is growth marketing? And why is it such a big deal? Unlike traditional marketing, which only focuses on the top of the funnel, growth marketing takes a full-funnel data-driven approach. Growth marketing strategies are all about building engagement with your ideal users, developing new ways to drive acquisition and reduce churn. 

Now this all sounds fantastic! But how exactly does growth marketing accomplish all of that good stuff? We have two words for you: data and experimentation. 

A concrete growth strategy involves experimenting and testing out marketing campaigns so you can discover what really works. Growth marketing is heavily focused on gathering data across different channels like email, social media, and paid search. These insights allow you to back up your marketing decisions with cold-hard-facts. Incorporating growth marketing into your SaaS marketing strategies means you are no longer sending your content out into the Internet void and hoping for the best. Instead, you’re using data to inform your decisions and drive real business results.

Growth marketing ultimately helps SaaS companies reach their audience, and this involves developing new content and testing out different marketing channels. “Channels” is the key word here, and that’s what we’ll be focusing on in this blog. In the sections below, we’ll discuss what growth marketing channels are used in a growth marketing plan and explain what kinds of tactics are involved with a growth marketing strategy. 

What’s the Deal With Growth Marketing Channels?

Picture this: You’re a marketing scientist and your job is to keep doing experiments in different marketing channels to discover which ones work best. In the simplest terms, growth marketing channels are any digital or traditional channel that is being used to deliver multiple growth marketing campaigns. Below we have listed some examples of growth marketing channels and explain why each of these channels are valuable and should be pursued. 

Examples of Growth Marketing Channels

  • Organic Search and SEO: Organic search is one growth marketing channel that can help you connect with your user base. Unpaid marketing efforts like optimizing the SEO value of the written content on your website is one way to drive growth for your SaaS company. 
  • User Referral Programs: You can use a  referral strategy to encourage their current users to recommend your SaaS platform to their connections. Referral programs involve giving your current users free perks or rewards for recommending your platform to their network. 
  • Email Campaigns: Email campaigns cover the entire sales funnel. Using email advertisements allows you to reach new prospects, and highlight different aspects of your SaaS platform in more detail. They are also a great way to stay connected with current users and provide them with critical information revolving expansions or upgrades.
  • Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing allows you to reach more potential users by paying for endorsements from online creators. This grows your audience by tapping into the influencer’s fanbase and gives your brand greater visibility. 
  • Paid Search Ads: By paying to rank for targeted keywords or keyphrases, paid search allows you to get your ads pushed to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Since these are paid ads, they naturally are placed above organic search results.   
  • Paid Social Ads: Social media is an extremely popular growth marketing channel. Using paid social ads allows SaaS companies to connect with their users everyday – since everyone is always on social media nowadays. 

You can decipher which of these channels give you the best results using the data collected throughout your growth marketing journey. Naturally the channels your audiences prefer might  change over time – especially when it comes to the fast paced SaaS market. But that is why using an adaptable and data-driven growth marketing approach is so beneficial for SaaS companies. You can keep testing and experimenting until you find an approach that fits just right today, while thinking ahead to tomorrow. 

Statwax’s Growth Marketing Approach

As a bunch of marketing and data nerds, we have the process for creating a unique growth marketing strategy for each client down to a science. Here’s how we determine which growth marketing channels are right for our SaaS partners. 

  • Looking at the Whole Picture: We build a holistic marketing plan that integrates multiple channels. This allows you to engage with your audience wherever they are. 
  • Context is Key: We also use contextual campaigns to get a better understanding of your audience’s past and current behavior across each channel.
  • Data Delivers Leads: Our approach allows you to connect with your audience from a bunch of different angles – generating leads from multiple touchpoints. We implement tracking data to better understand how different marketing channels impact each other and discover which channels work best for your audience.

Statwax Can Help You Channel Growth and Success

How do you know when a digital marketing channel is driving the growth you desire? At Statwax, our PPC and paid social solutions are designed to provide our SaaS partners with the critical data they need to identify which channels should be pursued. This is the experimenting part of growth marketing we mentioned earlier. In our process, we analyze paid and organic traffic to help SaaS businesses understand their target customers and discover which channels are the best for reaching and earning the loyalty of those customers – ergo, growing their customer base. We can help you predictably scale your customer growth through our data-backed solutions. Interested in learning more? Connect with us today.

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