February 9, 2022

How Do You Market a B2B SaaS Product?

Marketing a B2B SaaS product is a complicated task. How do you convince another business to trust your platform and believe you will deliver the results you promise?

In the 1800s, we learned as a collective culture not to trust snake oil salespeople, aka someone offering a guarantee that a single purchase will solve all our problems. This happened after lots of people bought weird concoctions (like a mix of turpentine, beef fat, and red pepper) believing it was medicine because they saw an ad. Yikes, right? And so, an innate distrust of advertising was born…or maybe just got bigger.

Either way this means SaaS marketers face a unique challenge in the modern market—because many B2B SaaS platforms do, in fact, address lots of problems with one subscription. And unlike snake oil salespeople of old, SaaS companies aren’t out there deliberately selling people faulty products to make a quick buck and leave town in the night. But the hard part is convincing mistrustful users that your promises and value propositions are real, not flim-flam.

Let’s talk about developing a SaaS marketing strategy that builds trust with future users and strengthens relationships with your existing ones.

B2B SaaS Market Size

Globally, the SaaS market is growing an average of 18% per year, with 99% of businesses using at least one cloud platform. In fact, Gartner predicts that by the end of 2022, spending on SaaS will total $482 billion. Gartner even broke this down further to identify which SaaS solutions B2B users are expected to invest in most often in 2022.

This information lets B2B SaaS marketers know just how competitive their unique corner of the market is. Are you fired up to beat the competition? Don’t worry if it seems like too many moving parts—we are here to help.

Types of B2B Marketing in SaaS

With so much opportunity in the market, it’s essential to learn how to market software as a service specifically. We’re going to review strategies that we’ve seen help businesses build trust with and sell to highly-qualified leads.

  • Paid Search: Paid search marketing, or pay-per-click, lets you serve targeted content to users when they search for a keyword or question that signals they need your product. Strategic paid search allows B2B sellers like SaaS companies to avoid spending money appealing to non-ideal customers and instead focus on the right ones. At Statwax, we work with some SaaS clients to update their paid search on a constant basis to always be making the most of this ad spend.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Often abbreviated to SEO, search engine optimization of your website and landing pages is another way to meet your users when they are looking for you. Note: this doesn’t mean adding as many keywords to your web copy as humanly possible. Instead, we help clients take a strategic approach, optimizing both the written website and elements on the back-end to help your website rank higher without seeming totally robotic.
  • Content Marketing: The last B2B marketing strategy takes SaaS sellers away from search engines like Google and into other platforms like email, LinkedIn, and Quora. Through these and other industry-relevant content marketing channels, you can share the experience that makes your company stand out from the crowd. By authentically answering questions and engaging in conversation with current and potential users, you grow brand awareness and trust.

Learn how Statwax used these three B2B marketing strategies in combination to help one SaaS platform achieve a 14% increase in qualified leads and reach an all-time high in closed leads from their digital marketing campaigns.

Putting Together a B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy? Trust Statwax

Yes, yes, we know—we just got done saying you can’t win a customer’s trust simply by telling them you deserve it. That’s why we get permission from our customers to talk about the results we help them achieve. 100% of our SaaS partners achieved their acquisition goals in 2021. And for many, this success meant an all-time high in the qualified leads in the pipeline. It’s our passion to help SaaS marketers spend their budget and time more effectively. With a laser-focus on detailed buyer personas throughout a full-funnel strategy, we deliver an average 5x return on your marketing spend.

We can help you achieve more wins with the same resources! Contact Statwax today to talk about your SaaS solution and how we can partner with you.

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