February 10, 2022

How Do You Structure a B2B SaaS Marketing Team?

B2B SaaS is an ever-evolving industry that requires constant adaptation to stay on top of market trends. How exactly you do this is complex. But having the right SaaS marketing strategy and structure for your team is, among other things, part of the recipe for success. 

The size and structure of the marketing team will depend upon two key factors: company size and market size. If a company is working in a relatively small market or industry, then the size of the marketing team will reflect that. Likewise, larger organizations will have to work at effectively staffing and organizing their marketing team. Let’s dive in!

B2B SaaS Marketing Team Structure

One factor in determining how a B2B SaaS marketing team will be structured comes down to the amount of people available for a team. It’s probably obvious that smaller companies will have smaller marketing teams and vice versa. But building that out can be difficult, and many hiring staff may ask themselves, “how do you structure a marketing team?” To better understand how the team structure can look different, let’s look at a comparison between a small marketing team structure and a large one. 

Small Marketing Team

Smaller companies, which are often startups, generally have to work with tighter budgets, smaller teams, and fewer resources. This means the top of the marketing team, typically known as the head of marketing, will have to understand almost everything there is to know about B2B SaaS marketing—on top of their “other duties as assigned.” Due to having a smaller support system, the head of the marketing department will have to actively participate in other aspects of the business that someone in the same position at a large organization would have covered by different positions. 

An example of what a small company’s marketing team structure could look like is as follows: A head of marketing oversees the entire operation of the marketing department, with roles like growth marketing manager, product marketing manager, and content marketing manager reporting under the head of marketing. That way, the basic categories of B2B digital marketing are all covered.

Large Marketing Team

With a sizable budget, team, and resources, a larger company’s structure has the ability to spread the duties and roles of the marketing department among a larger amount of personnel. This would decrease the workload of each employee, providing possibilities of specialists for every area of marketing. At this level, a chief marketing officer (CMO) would be at the top of the team with directors of other marketing areas under them.

What Roles Make Up a Marketing Team?

While we can’t list every role you could possibly see on a marketing team, there are common and important roles for a successful B2B marketing organizational structure. These include:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Product Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • UX Writer/Designer
  • Creative Director
  • SEO Specialist
  • Email marketing/marketing automation specialist
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) manager
  • Ads Strategist

All of these roles and more work in tandem with one another and the rest of the business in order to promote the brand of the company to a wide audience.. 

However, the best structure for any B2B SaaS marketing team, no matter their size, should consist of folks who share specific skills and qualifications in diverse marketing roles like:

  • Product Marketing: Creates demand for a product through effective messaging 
  • Marketing Leadership: Plans out new marketing strategies and goals
  • Content Marketing: Creates, publishes, and distributes content for a specific target audience
  • Demand Generation: Focuses on targeted marketing to drive awareness and interest in a brand’s products or services
  • Digital and Creative Marketing: Develops designs and copy for the brand

There are other desirable skills sets for a marketing team, but this list is a great starting point. Some teams will need more of one skill group or less of another, and some teams might not even need one set at all. It all comes down to your company’s unique needs.

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