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At Statwax we deliver our SaaS clients CLOSED leads, and we deliver those customers at scale. Our clients on average have over a 5x return on their marketing spend while experiencing a decrease in CAC every single year.


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Better Leads

Generated 14.7% lift in MQLs while helping scale ad spend year-over-year

More Customers

Helped a unicorn SaaS client achieve three straight months of all-time highs in closed customers at a 3.4X ROAS

Higher Revenue

Produced a 4.27X return on total investment with Statwax within the first 7 months, while raising average revenue per customer by 37%

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Our customer acquisition partners aren’t just looking for more leads. They’re looking for more quality customers, and to understand where those customers are coming from and how to get more of them into the marketing funnel. We bring a data-driven approach to help you predictably scale customer growth. Predictive modeling and customer data integration shows where and how to get more of the right leads and what you can expect for your marketing investment. And by pairing an ABM-style digital approach with our proprietary data models and lead scoring, we’ll keep your marketing strategy scalable and efficient at any level.

Paid Digital Strategies
(search, social, etc)
Predictive Customer Acquisition Modeling
Customer Journey Mapping and Analysis
CRM and Platform Integration
Paid Digital Strategies
(search, social, etc)
Predictive Customer Aquisition Modeling
CRM and Platform Integration
Customer Journey Mapping and Analysis
Data Visualization
and Dashboarding
Lead Scoring and
Performance Projecting
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Data Visualization
and Dashboarding
Lead Scoring and
Performance Projecting
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Landing Page Development
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Tagging, and Analysis
Analytics Cleanup,
Tagging, and Analysis

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SaaS Marketing Strategy

This probably isn’t going to shock you, but the software as a service (SaaS) market is booming like crazy. According to a recent report, the global revenues of the SaaS market are expected to reach $113.1 billion by the end of 2021. This isn’t at all surprising, considering the 2018 to 2023 forecasted compound annual growth rate of the SaaS market is calculated to be 21.20%. Markets in the Asia-Pacific region and Latin American countries are all ballooning, while the US still remains the world leader in SaaS technology and has the most SaaS users. 

Of course, this is all great news, the same way having people buy raffle tickets when you want to win a prize is great news. Yes, people are making money, and you can invest in more tickets…but the competition to win gets more intense regardless. 

But unlike a raffle, marketing is a science, not a game of chance. You want to succeed at SaaS marketing? You have to be efficient. You have to be calculated. You have to be innovative. You…don’t have to be perfect. But you do need an agile strategy to keep testing, refining, and trying new things to reach your audiences so that when you fail, you can learn and improve. 

As SaaS marketing experts, we know the ins and outs of a strategy are a lot to set up, much less manage and improve. That’s even more true for people who would rather be coding a platform or talking to end-users…So, we decided to break down the basics for you in this SaaS marketing strategy guide. 


What is SaaS Marketing?

SaaS marketing is the efforts and campaigns that a subscription software company comes up with to sell their product. For some SaaS platforms, the ultimate goal of marketing is to get end users to subscribe on their own and start using the product. Other companies with more complex products want to get high-quality lead information to reach out and learn more about what the prospect needs from their platform. You probably don’t need help installing an app on your phone, but deploying an app cross-company is very different, especially when replacing legacy software. Along that whole spectrum of complexity, SaaS companies are trying to get their message across. (And hey, if you do need help with the phone, that’s fine too. We’re all human.) 

SaaS companies and their marketing needs are unique in that proving marketing ROI through data is essential, not just nice-to-have. Working with a SaaS marketing agency to achieve goals gives SaaS companies access to services like: 

  • Paid Digital Strategies (search, social, etc.)
  • Predictive Customer Acquisition Modeling
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Analysis
  • CRM and Platform Integration
  • Data Visualization and Dashboarding
  • Lead Scoring and Performance Projecting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Landing Page Development and Optimization
  • Analytics Cleanup, Tagging, and Analysis


Why is SaaS Marketing so Unique?

SaaS organizations operate in a unique space and face complex marketing challenges. Since buying SaaS products is not a one-and-done purchase, SaaS businesses’ sales and marketing processes are more long-term. Of course, SaaS companies still have the same basic goals as other businesses—generate revenue, maintain customer relationships, continue to source quality leads, etc. That being said, there are a few added steps to the SaaS sales and marketing processes that other businesses don’t have to consider.

First thing’s first, SaaS companies are built differently. The internal structure of a software organization is filled with tech-savvy and data-driven individuals. SaaS professionals have to move fast to make sure their businesses are ahead of the curve, which means there is no time for mistakes. SaaS company leaders know what they need, when they need it, and how they’re going to achieve success. This means that a SaaS marketing strategy should be heavily focused on return on investment (ROI)—any marketing action taken needs to be purposeful and targeted. Therefore, the best marketing strategies are built on reliably sourced customer data, buyer behavior insights, marketing intelligence tools, and in-depth analyses of SaaS industry trends.

Another challenge is generating quality leads. SaaS companies – especially those who operate in the B2B space – serve an extremely discerning audience. To properly engage your customers and generate quality leads, your SaaS marketing strategy must be informed by accurate data insights into the buyer’s journey. By turning your internal customer journey data into actionable digital marketing insights, you create a targeted and effective marketing strategy. 


What is a SaaS Marketing Strategy?

Now that we’ve covered what SaaS marketing is, let’s discuss what goes into designing a successful SaaS marketing mix.  Since the SaaS industry is so fast-paced and is influenced by product-led growth, traditional consumer marketing strategies just aren’t going to drive the kind of revenue generation you need. This is why creating a SaaS marketing strategy is so critical. In this section, we’ll break down the most important components of developing marketing strategies specific to SaaS, so your marketing tactics align with your objectives and fill your sales funnel with qualified leads. 

It’s worth mentioning that creating a successful B2B SaaS marketing strategy comes with its own challenges. In a B2B SaaS business model, companies have to navigate intricate and complex relationships with their users. Maintaining a healthy contract with a B2B client demands a pretty high level of commitment from everyone involved because there is such potential for both the SaaS organization and the client to benefit from each other. Here’s an example, when it comes to B2B SaaS marketing, it’s much harder for large organizations to completely change their software. B2B SaaS companies have to consider the broader implications of canceling a software subscription since these decisions have significant impacts on departmental workflow. Therefore, the pressure is on the SaaS company to portray their software as a worthy long-term solution for their clients right off the bat. 

The B2B SaaS market size is also important to consider when generating a B2B SaaS marketing strategy. The SaaS B2B market is much smaller than the B2C SaaS market, which means that the SaaS B2B companies face intense competition. Because the B2B SaaS market is so intensely competitive, companies should enlist the help of a B2B SaaS marketing agency that is well equipped to understand the complex needs of SaaS organizations and create the best B2B SaaS marketing campaigns.


Incorporating Data and Research

Using data and research to inform your SaaS marketing campaigns starts with getting to know your audiences. Any and all customer data is useful when building out accurate buyer personas and nailing down key aspects of the customer journey from seeing an ad on Google to becoming a user. 

You can start this process by revisiting your past leads. Doing this will help you identify where your customers are located, what jobs they have, and what time of year they commonly convert—all of which is important when creating a SaaS marketing strategy. How do you find all this information? If you don’t use a CRM, or want additional data, tools like Google Analytics illustrate what the basic buyer’s journey looks like on your website. Collecting and using this data can give you the insights you need to determine which marketing activities and channels are the most effective to reach your audiences. These insights also allow you to eliminate unsuccessful tactics from the playbook. Hm…If only there was some sort of service that could help you with this. Oh wait! That’s where we come in! We take a data-first approach to marketing to deliver quality leads and generate more revenue for our clients. 

Data-backed market research is also critical when collecting insights into your niche. Because the SaaS market is ever-evolving, your market research processes must be consistent to ensure that your decisions are backed by the most up-to-date industry insights.  


Choosing the Right SaaS Marketing Channels

When creating an effective SaaS marketing strategy, one of the first things for you to consider is correctly identifying which channels are turning your quality leads into loyal customers. Data is essential to this process as well. For example, landing pages and paid digital ads are both optimal digital marketing channels for SaaS businesses. 

Identifying the most impactful digital marketing channels allows SaaS sales and marketing teams to improve their digital presence and increase the overall effectiveness of marketing efforts. Our PPC and paid social solutions arm our SaaS partners with valuable data that helps them identify which channels should be aggressively pursued. In our process, we unpack both paid and organic traffic to help SaaS businesses understand their target customers and how to reach and earn more of those customers. Here is just one of our successful  SaaS marketing examples; we recently helped one of our SaaS clients increase the volume of high-quality leads by eliminating inefficient ad spend. Our efforts directly contributed to a 14.75% increase in qualified leads YoY, solely from digital ads.


Gain Insights from your Sales Team

Your sales team is constantly receiving crazy-valuable information from customers. From answering common questions to addressing complaints, your sales team hears about customer journeys all day, every day. Therefore, you should use your sales team to help identify which SaaS marketing strategies will and won’t work. Adjust your messaging to match what your sales team is hearing, generate content that presents your team as thought leaders in the SaaS space, and prevent pain points from happening as you deliver your product to more end users. 


Key Aspects of a Winning SaaS Marketing Strategy

Because the marketing needs of SaaS organizations are so diverse and complex, we decided to be nice and narrow down three of the most important aspects of a successful software marketing strategy. These three points will give you a general idea of what to consider when generating your SaaS marketing strategies and creating the best SaaS marketing campaigns

  • Use a Multi-Channel Approach: A multi-channel approach allows you to connect with your audience from a bunch of different angles – since leads often don’t come from a single touchpoint. A good strategy implements tracking data and understands how different channels impact each other to generate positive results. 
  • Take Risks: Let’s face it – success doesn’t come without risk, especially in marketing. Or should we face the fact that risk-taking breeds innovation? What we’re trying to say is, businesses should allot a piece of their marketing budget for testing new ideas. You will never be able to discover new tactics if you’re not willing to take some risks. 
  • Keep Up With Your Competition: If you want your SaaS marketing solutions to really stand out, you need to be accurate and agile. You gotta monitor your competition, track what keywords they’re targeting, and identify how they’re connecting with their target audience.


What is SaaS Content Marketing? 

SaaS content marketing is one type of strategy that allows SaaS companies to build awareness and let their products shine. Content marketing works when SaaS companies create engaging content for their audiences to learn more about how a product addresses their needs and pain points. 

By creating and distributing valuable free content, SaaS companies are able to position themselves as thought leaders in their business spaces. Because of this, purposefully designed content is a foolproof method of attracting and converting potential users. People want to trust the companies they buy from, and thought leadership content is a sure-fire way for SaaS companies to build trust with their current and potential users. 

What kinds of content help SaaS companies succeed? We’ve seen the following:

  • Great landing pages on your website
  • Informative and educational blogs, white papers, eBooks, or industry reports
  • Videos interviewing company leadership that give insight into industry trends
  • Free and downloadable “How to” guides


What really works is when companies unify this web content with a paid search advertising strategy. This increases the chances that your ideal customers will see relevant, engaging content in the moment they are searching. The best SaaS marketing agencies stay agile enough to help clients adapt their paid search strategy on the fly so that the content is always supported by a streamlined strategy to drive traffic and awareness. 

Now after reading all of that, how do you feel? Overwhelmed? We’re not surprised. Creating a data-centric SaaS marketing strategy is a lot for one company to handle. Our straightforward predictive modeling and customer data integration processes show where and how you can get more of the high-quality leads you need to generate more revenue.


Creating Successful SaaS Marketing Campaigns

So…how do you go about creating effective SaaS marketing campaigns? Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we’ve developed a pretty foolproof SaaS marketing strategy —in four pillars no less! Within this framework, every SaaS marketing strategy is catered to meet the specific needs of every client being served. 


Our Unique Four-Pillar Marketing Strategy

  • Paid Digital Marketing Channels: Our team collaborates with our SaaS partner’s marketing, sales, and customer success teams to develop strategies that target the best-fit customers. We use a full-funnel paid digital strategy that is designed to grow and develop based on the changing needs of your clients. 
  • Persona-Based Targeting: Our data analytics team delivers predictive and statistical models to our SaaS partners that turn data into actionable insights that generate accurate buyer personas. Our targeting methods identify and categorize user demographics and hone in on users’ goals, pain points, and consumer behavior. 
  • Predictive Modeling: Our data analytics team collects historical and current data to provide our SaaS partners with predictive modeling that delivers intelligent insights into predictable and repeatable revenue streams. Our predictive modeling methods allow SaaS businesses to forecast the number of quality leads generated and predict how much it will cost to pursue each lead.
  • Lead Quality Optimization: Every step we take is to ensure that only high-quality leads are delivered to SaaS sales and marketing teams. Every lead identified should present a meaningful opportunity and should never waste time or money. By integrating between paid channels and the activities in your CRM, we are able to deliver quality leads that become loyal customers. A high volume of leads means nothing if those leads are all dead ends. Interested in learning more? Check out this SaaS marketing strategy example: Here’s how we increased the volume of high-quality leads for one of our partners.

In addition to our four-pillar approach to the SaaS marketing process, we implement an account-based marketing (ABM) digital ads strategy. Our ABM strategy turns leads into engaged prospects without sacrificing unnecessary time or funding. We specifically design our campaigns to reach above and beyond generic keyword research to source targeted customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey. 

So, by pairing an ABM-style digital approach with our data models and lead scoring, we’ll keep your marketing strategy scalable and efficient at any level. Pretty cool, right?


Search Engine Optimization: One of the Most Important Jobs in Marketing

You can’t forget about SEO. To begin tackling an SEO strategy, you first need to identify your mission and purpose as a brand and then relate that message to what sets you apart from your competitors. After this, you need to determine what searchable terms you want to rank for. You can’t deny, a lot goes into developing a comprehensive SEO strategy. Which is why we have a whole team of SEO experts who are laser-focused on optimizing the organic search presence and technical side of our client’s websites.


Our SEO team focuses on the following areas:

  • Content best practices
  • Competitor research
  • Technical elements
  • Content strategies
  • Keyword research
  • Site architecture
  • Linking strategy
  • Backlinks


Unlock the Data Insights You Need With Statwax

SaaS companies need marketing strategies that partner with technology to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market. We can help get you there. The most successful SaaS marketing teams see technology as an ally, not as a tool. Our data-driven approach helps you predictably scale customer growth. And our predictive modeling and customer data integration processes give direct insight into what you can expect of your marketing investment. 

We’re a team that exists to help our clients understand how to get their marketing strategies to produce successful long-term results. Our data-centric marketing model is more than just an “ads agency,” we’ll build you a SaaS marketing strategy that lasts. Let’s get started.