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The client was spending six-figures per month with Statwax on digital advertising efforts, but undergoing a website redesign and relaunch at the same time. With design and UX elements not focused on marketing CRO, Statwax had to deploy a solution that would maintain or improve conversion performance of ads traffic.


The client’s new website went live in order to push out key content and business updates, but it did not focus on marketing-specific testing such as conversion performance or potential user friction. Almost immediately, Statwax measured a decline in visit-to-lead conversion performance for ads users who were being sent to the main website.

Statwax was asked to design, deploy, and optimize landing pages in order to test different design features and determine whether the new website was truly affecting performance of the ads audience. Statwax leaned on years of CRO experience to quickly deploy test pages that incorporated UX-friendly design such as simplified lead capture forms, clear calls to action above the fold, single-page design and limited menus to prevent analysis-paralysis among higher-funnel marketing traffic.

Statwax’s SEM team then set up A/B traffic splits to evenly distribute ads traffic between the newly-launched website and the new test landing pages. By creating reports to monitor traffic, conversion volume, and conversion rates, Statwax was able to calculate statistical significance of the split-test and give it the opportunity to fully run and prove out a definitive winner. When Statwax’s landing page ended up with significant wins, all traffic was able to quickly shift there to maximize performance while the client worked to incorporate our design elements and learnings into the website for all efforts moving forward.


Statwax’s landing page was nearly 7X better than the client’s newly-designed website at converting the same ads traffic, producing:

  • A 12.14% conversion rate versus 1.79% for the main website
  • 85 leads versus 14 from the same amount of traffic on the main site
  • Had Statwax’s landing page received all ads traffic instead of a split test, the client would have received double the total leads overall at the same amount of ad spend.



Ads traffic cannot be left to browse a full website and expected to convert at the same rate. Main websites often do not take into consideration the content, design, and more simplified journey needs of marketing traffic that is still in the consideration stage of the funnel. Using one-off landing pages to deliver a more personalized and controlled experience based on your digital campaigns and channels can provide huge boosts to ads performance, and your overall bottom line.

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