The Goal

To turn a niche B2B SaaS company’s paid search and display efforts into an effective driver of SQLs and customers, as quickly as possible, and without increasing ad spend until proven ROI was taking place.


The Client

A B2B SaaS client that offers video email solutions for businesses to use in marketing materials. The client had experienced steady overall growth in previous years and recently expanded into new verticals.


The Challenge

Despite decent company growth, digital acquisition efforts had stagnated. There was little bandwidth in-house to optimize previous paid strategies, and the outgoing marketing partner had been running a set-and-forget approach to campaigns. Compounding the issue, new competitors were encroaching on the space and starting to dominate share-of-voice, creating even lower returns on the client’s ad spend.


The Strategy

Existing digital efforts had gone stale due to simplicity. The client was primarily running branded search ads on a broad version of their product name. Limited consideration had been given to audience usage, advanced ads features, remarketing, or broader prospecting.

Statwax began with a deep dive into the product, its competitors, and the industry as a whole. Thorough competitor research helped identify the client’s key differentiators as well as pain points that a prospective customer may be looking to solve. New landing pages helped speak to those points and positioned the client directly against the more dominant competitors that had come into the space. A full refresh of ad copy and remarketing imagery also took place, based around the research findings.

The Paid Advertising team then undertook a full account rebuild. Historic data did exist, and CRM integrations were in place to help immediately see the post-lead impact of efforts. This allowed the team to be very agile at adjusting strategies the moment data started flowing. Over the course of 30 days, the Statwax team deployed numerous brand new initiatives:

  • A rebuild of branded search ads to focus copy on differentiating factors, testimonials, and a better call-to-action
  • Non-branded search campaigns segmented out by industry served as well as product feature-set, as research had found heavy search volume around individual features or solutions in the products
  • A competitor-focused campaign to regain share-of-voice while newly positioning the client’s selling points against lesser offerings
  • Remarketing initiatives to nurture and engage along the customer funnel, with different touchpoints and messaging based on whether prospects had seen product videos, seeked out a competitor, or spend time on the pricing page (among other behaviors)


Finally, Statwax launched a Dynamic Search campaign on Google in order to prospect for new users and mine for new keyword opportunities. While this tactic has the potential to be higher-spend with lower returns, Statwax felt that the client had a strong asset: a well-crafted, highly engaging and content-rich website. Dynamic Search was strategically deployed in segments across each of the website’s product feature and industry pages. Statwax was able to monitor search terms and performance, continuously mining for new opportunities and adding top-performers into other more-controlled search efforts with layered audiences and bid modifiers.


The Results

The full account rebuild and mix of tactics, messaging, and ad formats helped boost performance from day one. And the low-cost, high-reward efforts to mine for new prospects and search terms allowed for immediate scale without also scaling ad spend. Within the first 90 days, the client experienced 38% new customer growth from paid efforts. Statwax was able to increase lead volume by 44%. But through more refined targeting and messaging, qualified lead volume (as measured by SQLs) rocketed up 258% – allowing the sales team to more efficiently spend their time working and closing the right prospects. In an effort to make the best use of limited budgets, Statwax’s optimizations also helped improve cost-per-SQL by 75%.


The Takeaway

It’s not always the easiest path forward, but sometimes a ground-up rebuild of your ads strategy is the perfect place to start. Months and years of unchecked, stagnant strategy can fill your account with poor data and worse results. By stepping back and evaluating what your prospective customers really need, and what your competitors are selling, you can find new ways to make digital tactics work for you without requiring an extra investment.

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