Pain Point: Waste

“I know my ad dollars could be more effectively spent, but I don’t know where to start looking.”

Problem Solved:

Are your campaigns set up incorrectly? Is targeting too broad to make a quality impact? Are under-monitored programmatic ad buys running campaigns in the wrong places? Like maniacal dust bunnies, wasted ad spend can be hiding in several nooks and crannies of your campaign.

Solution? A thorough and regular house cleaning. Like a Swiffer on steroids, our team is continually sweeping your campaigns looking for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your spend.

This isn’t set it and forget it advertising – our team places, monitors and optimizes your campaigns continually, ensuring we’re in control of how and where your ad dollars are spent. This continuous attention makes sure that your campaigns are utilizing resources the best by being viewable and clear of bot interference so not a cent of your ad budget is squandered.

In the past two years we have worked with two different agencies in our digital advertising with mediocre results and a lack of true partnership. We are very happy to now be working closely with Statwax who has already used their insight and expertise to delivered a 14% increase PPC/Display advertising.

Derek McCallum, VP of Marketing & Enrollment Services, Concorde Career College

If your wasted spend is piling up, cleaning up your campaigns can put money back in your pocket.

Don’t waste one more minute (or dollar). We’re here to help.