Statwax named one of top 10 fastest growing Google solution providers

Statwax named one of top 10 fastest growing Google solution providers

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As a young agency, we couldn’t be prouder to be have been recently named as one of the 10 fastest growing Google solution providers by The Silicon Review, a leading media site for business and technology professionals!

As a long time Google partner agency, we have always worked to make an immediate impact for our clients via custom-built digital advertising campaigns and analysis. We truly believe that our combination of transparency, combatting ad fraud and brand security issues, and generating results-driven campaigns offer our clients the best services and agency partnership around – and we have the data to back it up. In the past year, we have been excited to achieve for our clients (#humblebrag):

  • Increased product sales for a client by more than 900% in the first month of campaigns
  • Generated a 735% return on ad spend (ROAS) in seven days
  • Boosted enrollment for a college by 32% in the first month of campaigns

Growing our client relationships via tangible business results has also enabled us to nearly double the size of our team in the past year, and bring really great and talented people to work at Statwax.

So thanks to Silicon Review for the honor, our clients for their trust and partnership, and our team for the kickass work they have done and are doing in 2017!

Interested in how Statwax can up your game on Google? Contact us to get the conversion conversation started!

Statwax Helps Raise $28.2 Million for Purdue Day of Giving

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We were honored to be a part of Purdue University’s fourth annual Day of Giving fundraiser event on April 26, 2017. We set out to Boiler Up for the greater good with our fellow Indiana natives, encouraging donations to support a brighter tomorrow.

We were able to participate in something all Statwax humans have a common appreciation for – using the powers of digital to make a real impact on people. Though the day is behind us, we’re still celebrating the record-setting fundraiser, which brought in over ten million more in gifts than the previous year – leading to a total $28.2 million.

Thanks to all who made this day possible, it’s amazing what we can accomplish when we’re all together! We can’t wait to see what a difference it makes for current and future students.

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Statwax Academy cake

That’s a wrap on winter for Statwax Academy!

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It was an exciting week at Statwax Academy! This past Wednesday we wrapped up our final class for the winter session, and it was amazing to see the progress the class has made over the past six weeks. Attendees were able to learn about AdWords fundamentals, Google Analytics, paid search and display advertising through a combination of instruction and practical application in real-life advertising campaigns. We couldn’t have been more excited to learn that several class members took this knowledge on a week by week basis and utilized it to pass Google certification exams throughout the course of the class!

In an industry that’s ever changing and ever growing, we take joy in helping our fellow professionals expand and increase their skill sets. The wide range of industries, job roles, and experience levels represented at the Academy really showcased the critical place that digital advertising and analytics has for marketers today.

Thank you again to all our class members who put in two hours of time each week, after their full work days, to learn with us – we appreciate each and every one of you and wish you good luck!

Interested in expanding your digital knowledge and “ad”ding to your career in 2017? Sign up to be the first to hear about our Spring 2017 session of Statwax Academy!

The Not So Great Rebate - Understanding Rebate Credits for Digital Ads

The Not So Great Rebate – Understanding Rebate Credits for Digital Ads

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Digital advertising is a lucrative business, and where there’s big profit potential there’s sometimes sideliners looking to cash in in a less than honest fashion. Such is the case with digital rebates, sometimes referred to as kickbacks. Media companies in the U.S. deny their existence, but recent developments are shedding light on the shady practice. So, what exactly are digital rebates, and why have they got everyone’s skin crawling?

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Understanding Paid Search Patterns

Understanding Paid Search Patterns

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When consumers pull up a search engine, they’re starting a conversation. They spit their thought directly into the search bar, and they expect to be listened to. If you don’t understand the language they speak, or aren’t around to hear it spoken, you’ll miss the opportunity to open up a dialogue and in turn to take a newfound loyalty to the checkout. You might be thinking, isn’t that like asking us to read user’s minds? Finding a search pattern is similar to that, but paid search campaigns make it possible to do without requiring ESP or superpowers. How? While understanding the customer journey can feel complicated, there are a few places to get started to make sure your campaigns are taking search patterns into account.

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Why the CPM Model Clouds Transparency

Why the CPM Model Clouds Transparency

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When it comes to digital advertising, transparency is king. Without it, your campaigns aren’t going to rule and your budget won’t exactly be playing by any either. Folding impressions and costs under blanket fees and impressions, as is often done in the case of programmatic ad buying, clouds transparency. And you’d better believe too many clouds are going to lead to rain on your conversion parade. Let’s look at the three most frequent riders of the CPM model struggle bus, and why it is they just can’t seem to signal the driver and get off.

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Why Programmatic Is Still So Problematic

Why Programmatic Is Still So Problematic

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Programmatic advertising has been the buzzword of the month for many moons now. If you’ve somehow tuned the buzzing in your ear out like that of an annoying mosquito, the simplest way to sum up programmatic is this: an ad buy that gets purchased through machines. Now, machine learning has come a long way and technology is great for helping advertisers, as it is any industry, get work done. But if you’ve ever watched a sci-fi movie, or even updated your iPhone when the new iOS came out, you know that there are risks to adapting technology before the kinks are worked out. Let’s take a look at some of the current programmatic pitfalls.

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the statwax way

The Statwax Way – Not your Typical Digital Advertising Approach

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While the world goes the way of automation, Statwax is taking a different approach. We’re all for harnessing the tools of technology, but believe in the power of the human element of marketing. To put in plainly, we market to people, not to bots.

What exactly is the difference between an agency run by people and one run by bots? Elbow grease. You know, that little bit of extra hard work that goes a long way for campaign performance, creativity, and return on investment. We like to work with technology not for it, to have our humans interpret data and build custom algorithms that follow an audience’s line of best fit. Beyond that, we believe in constantly generating new ideas, keeping up with the latest tactics, and continual optimization to get the best results for the lowest cost.

Here’s a look at how the philosophy of human touch in the digital world has the biggest impact – for our clients, their customers, and in the digital realm.

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How to spot a quality digital advertising report

How to Spot a Quality Digital Advertising Report

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When it comes to the depth of digital data on the success and costs of your campaigns, there’s a Mariana Trench full – but you might not feel that way when you dive into your campaign reports. Between the acronyms, charts, graphs, and bullet points, it can be hard to determine what’s actually relevant – seeing the return you got on the investment you made. So how can you ensure that you’re getting the highest quality digital report with the clearest picture of your campaigns? Ask yourself these five questions to see if your latest digital report has key data that is critical to campaign success.

Does the report include relevant performance metrics that speak to my campaign goals?

Performance metrics are critical to understanding whether your campaigns are doing well or not. There are a slew of metrics that measure performance – so which are the best? Well that depends on the goals of your campaign. Establishing your goals with the team before campaigns start will help make any data about performance more focused and relevant. Want to see how many conversions your ad spend produced? Return on ad spend (ROAS) is a key metric. Interested in what ad copy did best in a split test? Click through rate (CTR) could be just what you’re looking for. By ensuring that performance metrics are always presented with a tie to your goals, you’ll know that you’re getting the data you need to execute the correct strategy to drive business growth.

Does the report include the targeting that was used for each ad campaign?

Targeting for your campaigns is not a one and done discussion. With the proliferation of digital channels and marketing messages accessed on a minute by minute basis, customer journeys are ever evolving. It can be easy to get lost in the shuffle if your targeting isn’t spot on, responsive to your current and potential customers, and based on data. To ensure you’re on track, your digital reports should always highlight what audiences, behaviors and/or interests your campaigns are targeting. By having information on performance amongst these groups, you can get insights into the personas you’ve already established respond to your messaging or potentially discover entirely new groups of prospects. This data is critical to ensure your ad budget is not only being spent efficiently, but effectively.

Does the report include a transparent look at costs and return on ad spend?

Speaking of budgets – a crucial component of any digital report is cost. We believe 100% transparency in the cost of campaigns is the only way to determine success. Meaning, you know your return on the spend you put in. You should know how much your clicks, leads, and acquisitions cost and the breakdown of your budget by digital platform and tactic. Knowing this information helps make informed decisions about where to spend budget – both within digital advertising channels and your overall marketing plan. As more digital channels and avenues to place advertising pop up, transparency in costs is critical to ensure your funds aren’t being spent fraudulently. If costs on digital reports aren’t shown or don’t look quite right, make sure to ask for a full, in-depth look about how, when, where your budget was spent.

Does your report include recommendations for performance improvement and new ideas?

Data is the lifeblood of any digital report – but what insights you glean from that data are just as important. We’ve all been given pages of charts and thought – well now what? A good digital report will not only present the facts, but also recommendations on how to improve your campaigns based on that data – both for campaigns going well and not so well. A second component of good recommendations are new ideas. New platforms and tactics to reach your audience are ever developing – and implementing them are critical to staying ahead of the competition.

Is your report custom to your campaign and do you receive regular updates?

Every campaign is different, and your reports should be created to meet those needs. Campaign performance reports should always be 100% custom – featuring the exact information you want to see in the format you want to see it. The benefit of custom reports is not only so that information is the most easily digestible for you, but also for any team members or board members with which you have to share the data. Frequency of reports is also critical – information should be shared proactively on a regular basis. Having to ask for reports, or not seeing data on performance for months raises questions about the quality of the campaign.

Want to discuss what you are seeing in your digital reports? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to talk it over!