Results so good, even stretch goals didn’t stand a chance

improvement in program yield YoY through digital efforts
increase in application volume over a one-year span
boost in marketing ROI in first year of partnership

Why ClientsValue

Produced 3 straight months of all-time highs in lead and customer acquisition, while reducing lead-to-customer time by 28%
Increased enrollments by 36% while reducing overall digital invesment year-over-year

Hear About Our Approach

Using Paid Strategies to Enhance Your ABM Efforts with Brian Walker, Statwax

Brian has executed paid strategies for SaaS companies and implemented campaigns to run alongside ABM to bring more data insights for greater returns. Whether you’re new to ABM or trying to revamp your strategy, Brain has insights to help you level up.

Data Nerds and Martech: What You Really Need to Know

Our guest, Brian Walker, President at Statwax, is an expert at helping brands identify the metrics they need and create a single, powerful thread that gets everyone on the same page.

Statwax with Brian Walker

Mike welcomes the President of Statwax, Brian Walker! Brian leads the operations and strategy for a team of SEM, SEO, and CRO experts providing digital tactics for SaaS and B2B clients. Mike and Brian discuss the process of challenging what’s possible within digital marketing to help businesses get more from their marketing dollars!

How to Advance Your SEO Career with Morgan Petrov

In this episode we talk to Morgan, the Director of SEO at Statwax and dive into how she managed to grow an SEO team from just her (and she was completely new to SEO) to a five member team in under two years. If you need to convince your agency or boss that you’re underwater and need a team, or you’re a young woman looking to advance your career in the SEO industry, this episode is for you.