August 14, 2020

4 Digital Marketing Dashboards You Need to Know About

You’ve probably read or seen hundreds of articles about marketing dashboards, especially in the world of SEM and SEO. 

Dashboards are powerful tools to allow marketers to quickly analyze data at a broad overview as well as a very detailed view. In fact, there are numerous companies with the sole purpose to build dashboards, like NinjaCat, Klipfolio, and DashThis to name a few.

Rather than hiring another vendor, you can create your own dashboards, completely customized to fit you and your client’s unique goals. With a couple of tools including Supermetrics and Google Data Studio, we’re able to get a full-scope view of campaigns and their data. 

While each dashboard should be customized to each client and company, there are four digital marketing dashboards. If you want to dive into your data reports and analysis, take a look at these four dashboards you need to know about.

Search Engine Marketing and Paid Social Media Dashboards

The most common marketing dashboards are for search engine marketing (SEM) and paid social campaigns for PPC teams, offering a broad overview of paid digital marketing efforts. 

The ability to combine all of your paid marketing efforts into a single view is a major benefit to building a dashboard, especially for digital marketing agencies with various teams. This should give your team or client a quick snapshot to evaluate performance and identify areas to dive in for more in-depth analysis.

During the client onboarding process, the Statwax data team creates a basic paid media dashboard and then use client feedback for further customization. 

When building your SEM and paid media dashboard, use a variety of data points and visuals to paint a picture of your campaigns. A typical marketing dashboard includes metrics such as performance by campaign, period over period trends, dayparting visuals, demographics, and time series charts examining cost efficiency.

You want to ensure that your data is well rounded for your dashboards. Gather data from a variety of sources to develop a clear story of your data such as: 

  • Google Ads and Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Capterra

Google data studio dashboard

Search Engine Optimization Dashboard

Organic search performance can be a bit difficult to evaluate. So, using every tool possible is important for measuring success. SEO is a long-term game and requires a lot of patience for success. Dashboards lend perfectly to this type of analysis because of the ability to create time series visualizations. To measure overall SEO success, you must be diligent in your reporting and track the right metrics such as: 

  • Search visibility
  • Search volume
  • Traffic source 
  • Keyword position ranking
  • Cannibalization rate
  • Clicks and search impressions

Google data studio search engine optimization dashboard

CRM Funnel Dashboard

With customer acquisition- and education-focused clients, our primary focus is to examine lead quality and efficiency when creating a dashboard. Using Google Data Studio, we create visualizations for our clients showing conversion rates throughout the admission or sales processes. 

To do this, you can integrate you or your client’s CRM data with your dashboard to get a fully customized view of the audiences. With a CRM funnel dashboard, you can analyze crucial metrics including the time each lead spends per cycle during the process. While lead volume is crucial, tracking the quality of leads throughout the conversion funnel is even more important. 

Some of the CRM systems Statwax has successfully integrated into our marketing dashboards include:

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Radius
  • Slate
  • LeadSquared

Google data studio CRM dashboard

Automated data projects

This type of dashboard combines the previous dashboards into a further detailed report to optimize campaigns. Using Supermetrics and Google Data Studio, you can automate data projects and provide real-time insights to your marketing teams. 

With an automated marketing dashboard like this, skilled marketers and novices alike can easily analyze visuals and quickly make decisions based on the data to optimize campaigns. 

Some of the data projects to consider automating includes:

  • Dayparting
  • Demographics
  • Device breakdowns
  • Audience analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Search impression share in missed opportunities

Google data studio automated data projects screenshot

Want to learn more about how dashboards can help power your digital marketing strategy? Let’s talk.

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