Student Journey Mapping

The Goal
Map the complete student journey from prospect to graduate
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  • Type
    Community College
  • Timing
    1.5 months
  • Location
The Challenge

One of Indiana’s top community colleges didn’t have a clear map of the journey students were taking from their initial school search through to graduation. By placing too much focus on initial inquiries, they were shorting their potential to connect with more students at each step in their higher education process.

The Strategy

Statwax set out to unleash campaign potential with custom tracking that would reveal students’ behavior and intent at each step of interaction with the college. By creating hand-crafted tracking solutions and working more closely with data, digital results began to develop a complete view of prospective, current, and alumni behaviors. The additional insight led to campaigns that drove more valuable connections, by linking prospects to highly relevant information, and thus connecting admissions with leads that were more likely to turn into enrollments.

  • 01
    Digital tracking implementation from prospect to alumni
  • 02
    Integrations with ads, third-party vendors, and CRM software
  • 03
    Averaged 1,000 new users to the CRM database monthly