Struggling program boost

The Goal
Boost enrollment for specific, struggling campus programs
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  • Type
    Community College
  • Timing
    Five months
  • Location
The Challenge

A prominent Midwest community college was struggling to develop leads for a free training program, geared at helping veterans and the unemployed. After diving into on-site analytics and behaviors, it became clear that the website wasn’t holding potential student’s attention, nor giving them enough information and encouragement to apply.

The Strategy

To improve the landing page experience and tighten its relevance to prospective students and the digital campaigns that reach them, Statwax applied conversion optimization techniques to the program’s page. Keeping the narrow field of interest and unique coursework in mind, the page was recreated with a fresh approach to content, keywords, and call-to-action capture. The previously poorly performing email-submission form was replaced with a course eligibility survey, which was the final key to leading to applications. The changes worked together to improve lead quality and quantity simultaneously.

  • 01
    Drove 44.2% of conversions directly through digital efforts
  • 02
    Increased the program landing page’s inquiry conversion rate by 108%
  • 03
    A second, related education program was launched to capitalize on new interest