Optimizing the Enrollment Path

The Goal
Create a custom attribution model to optimize students’ path to enrollment
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  • Type
    Digital Learning
  • Timing
    Three weeks
  • Location
The Challenge

A robust online learning system suffered from gaps in its digital campaign efficiency. Standard, one-size-fits-all measurement made it difficult to tell which tactics were responsible for enrollments, and how they worked together. It was clear that campaigns performed best when introductory digital touchpoints ran alongside digital tactics further along in the student journey, but not which places on the path held the most weight.

The Strategy

To properly assess which advertising tactics were effective, and at each stage in a student’s path to enrollment, Statwax set out to replace the existing attribution format being used by the online learning system with a model more specific to the learning system’s goals. The tailored model unleashed enrollment potential by investing in the higher-level touchpoints that led into bottom of funnel tactics, ultimately helping improve return on ad spend (ROAS) across all platforms.

  • 01
    Over five consecutive months of ROAS growth
  • 02
    Implementation of 175+ supplementary campaigns
  • 03
    32% decrease in CPE (cost-per-enrollment)
  • 04
    48% increase in ROAS