Messaging overhaul

The Goal
Overhaul messaging strategy to increase inquiries and enrollments
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  • Type
    Digital Learning
  • Timing
    Two weeks
  • Location
The Challenge

A learning institution offering hundreds of online classes had endless messaging points speaking to prospective students, at all phases of application consideration. Statwax set out to challenge previous notions about the most impactful ad creative and implement an ever-evolving A/B split-testing strategy. That way, potential students wouldn’t encounter a random assortment of information, but would receive relevant and appropriate information at their first connection, as they researched, and when they were ready to apply.

The Strategy

To achieve this, every possible variable was isolated all the way from headline and CTA, to image and landing page. Messaging tests were developed with creative research in mind, coming from the competitor landscape, prospective student behavior, and course benefits and timing, all working together to hit on the most appealing information and phrasing. Results were analyzed to combine top-performing ad creative, helping to send the right message, to the right prospective student, at the right time and place. By monitoring and optimizing ads from top to bottom, Statwax developed a process to continually nurture enrollment applications at maximum efficiency. The process connected prospective students with better information, and in turn the admissions team with better quality leads.

  • 01
    Improved conversion rates by 58%
  • 02
    Improved CPA by 44%
  • 03
    Drove CTR up by 60% for courses with upcoming starts
  • 04
    Increased ROAS by 27%