Messaging for more leads & better ROAS

The Goal
Overhaul messaging strategy to increase inquiries and enrollments
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  • 01
    58% Conversion rate increase
  • 02
    44% CPA improvement
  • 03
    60% CTR increase for upcoming course starts
  • 04
    27% increase in ROAS
The Client

A versatile online learning system and industry leader in affordable online learning for adults, with a network consisting of more than 2,100 top colleges, universities, and other organizations.

The Challenge

To meet prospective student needs across hundreds of online class offerings, the learning institution had endless messaging angles spread throughout their digital advertising campaigns. Statwax suspected that having too many messages, across too many devices and consideration points, was diluting the value of each interaction and potentially leading to missed inquiry opportunities.

The Strategy

To help prospective students choose the online learning institution, ad language needed restructuring so that each impression encouraged another step toward enrollment. Statwax started by examining the most valuable advertising channels in driving inquiries. From there, messaging split-test strategies were developed based on prospective student behavior, competing educational institutions and their digital presence, and the unique benefits of programs.

With the resulting strategy forcing ads to work as a part of a bigger process, we were able to get granular in making each piece as efficient as possible, which caused a 60% jump in click-through-rate (CTR). Ad variables were then isolated so that resulting data would show which messaging was the most likely to drive action from prospective students, improving conversion rates by 58%.

Tests helped to determine the information prospective students found most valuable and persuasive. And as prospects began to be connected with better, more relevant information, the admissions team was able to connect with better, more relevant leads – driving a 27% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS).

The Takeaway

A prospective student’s path from awareness to enrollment is not a straight line. Potential students will interact with hundreds of different touchpoints before deciding on a school, and it’s a mistake to try to be all things to all prospects at once. If you’re not sure how to tell if your campaigns are telling the right story, let’s talk about the best place to start. Data-driven messaging, applied to the student journey map, is the key to driving more meaningful engagements that ultimately convert into inquiries and starts.