Maximizing enrollment efficiency with CRM integration

The Goal
Optimize for actions beyond the inquiry by leveraging complete student journey data
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  • 01
    An 11% reduction in the cost-per-contacted prospect
  • 02
    23.35% increase in starts YoY following this implementation
  • 03
    Three straight years of growth in total starts on a flat marketing budget
The Client

A leader in career training institutions with 16 campuses nationwide.

The Challenge

The client, like many schools, was measuring digital marketing success purely by inquiry volume. And while inquiry tracking is a good start, it overlooks the result that really matters – students showing up to class at each start date. So Statwax worked closely with the client to set up a CRM, data tracking, and attribution process that was sophisticated enough to uncover the true cost and result of every digital touchpoint. With transparent and reliable tracking, Statwax would be able to better optimize every digital dollar spent for acquiring actual students, not just inquiries.

The Strategy

Statwax, a Google Premier Partner agency, worked with its dedicated Google Higher Education team and the client’s internal development team to implement cutting-edge data integration. The intricate process drove several data improvements:

  • Every inquiry was modified to capture an ad click ID and additional unique tracking parameters and pass them through to the client’s systems
  • The in-house lead processing system and Velocify CRM were adapted to accept ad values and auto-import them into a custom daily analytics view
  • The client’s CRM was modified to track and show all student journey stages (such as “contacted,” “interviewed,” or “enrolled”) coming from ad clicks
  • Unique code was scripted to use the Google Analytics measurement Protocol API, pushing key student journey data points from the CRM into individual event triggers in analytics
  • Event triggers were then linked to goals in Google Analytics and conversions in Google Ads denoting offline actions along the student journey

The data integration can be complex, but what it created was a simplified and transparent view of digital marketing efforts. Beyond that, it opened communication between digital ads, overall marketing goals, and admissions – both in digital systems and on actual teams.

Statwax leveraged the advanced data sophistication by optimizing bids, ads, keywords, and more, to make a concentrated shift toward getting more students in seats. This took the focus off of inquiries alone and placed emphasis on downstream outcomes like interviews, enrollment, and starts. And thanks to the thorough tracking between all efforts, Statwax was able to hold each dollar of ad spend explicitly accountable, allowing budgets to be better utilized for the school’s true institution-wide goals.

The Takeaway

Measuring for inquiries alone is becoming an antiquated and shallow way of managing digital higher ed efforts. The technology may seem new to many schools, but higher ed marketers must have CRM integration capabilities in order to hit enrollment targets cost-efficiently and in a way that can scale. This approach is the only way to hold marketing budgets accountable and to optimize them to reach more students, at lower costs.

Do you know your school’s student acquisition costs? What about for each digital channel? Each action? If you’re ready to uncover the true potential of your digital enrollment marketing, let’s start a conversation.