Leads that lead somewhere

The Goal
Improve the lead quality of prospective student inquiries
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  • Type
    Career College
  • Timing
    30 days
  • Location
The Challenge

A high scrub rate of 24% plagued one of the nation’s leading career training institutions. Prospective students were applying for programs that didn’t exist in their region, or for programs they didn’t meet the eligibility requirements for. To drive more enrollments, more efficiently, lead quality demanded serious refinement.

The Strategy

Statwax put together a three-tiered approach attacking the sources most heavily wasting budget on unqualified leads. First, campaigns were restructured to match the geography of campuses across the nation. Next, an in-depth audit was used to exclude terms bringing users to the site for education and career help the institution didn’t offer. Third, conversion tracking was updated to filter out inaccuracies and duplicate inquiry counts, making data more valuable and more reliable. By improving the quality of inquiries, and scaling budget to best support those more likely to lead to an enrollment and a graduate, scrub rate saw a dramatic improvement.

  • 01
    Decreased scrub rate from 24% to 5%
  • 02
    11% increase in student starts with a decrease in cost-per-start
  • 03
    18.6% increase in YoY in leads generated from ads