Campaign transition

The Goal
Transition campaigns from previous agency swiftly and efficiently
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  • Type
    Career College
  • Timing
    48 hours
  • Location
The Challenge

One of the nation’s leading postsecondary and vocational institutions signed on with Statwax to unlock their optimization potential. With an enrollment period in the balance, there was no room for pausing campaigns and no time to hold off on optimizations. Previous campaigns would need thorough audits and revamping, followed by immediate optimization to reach the full potential of lead quantity and quality.

The Strategy

Paid search campaigns were promptly reorganized to better fit the institution’s actual campus and program structure. Wasteful national campaign targeting and keywords were jettisoned in favor of strategies specific to the institution’s regions, putting an immediate stop to searches where campuses didn’t exist or for programs that were unavailable. Together these changes drove massive increases in relevance for prospective students and thus in leads and lead quality, allowing campaigns to undergo rapid growth with no transition downtime.

  • 01
    Took over campaigns 30% behind sits goal, leading them to 19% ahead of goal in three weeks after ads launch
  • 02
    Increased inquiry volume nearly 60% YOY, without increasing spend
  • 03
    Reduced cost-per-inquiry by 35% YOY