Using closed customer data to generate SQLs


Secure platform demo requests


The conversion rate for paid search efforts was 200% higher than those from organic sources


50% of conversions from digital ads converted into SQLs


Not only beat the cost-per-SQL goals, but lowered the costs by an additional 5% beyond the goal


22.32% view rate for video ads

An employee engagement platform that provides insights from dedicated account specialists that help increase employee efficiency and performance. 


This company was looking to increase the volume of their qualified demo requests. Digital tactics were running across platforms but were too generalized to help the company stand out in a competitive SaaS space. Though the company had buyer personas, this highly relevant information was not being used to reach target customers. With demo lead quality and volume on a downturn, this company turned to Statwax to create more targeted campaigns that took an ABM-style approach to hit ideal accounts from top to bottom of the funnel while making better use of closed customer data, platforms, and budgets.


Beginning with a robust audit, Statwax determined that a restructure of current campaigns was necessary to begin reaching the company’s target companies. With the company’s buyer personas and closed customer insights from Pardot, Statwax began by building campaigns out in a way so that they better reached the most valuable prospects and weren’t cannibalizing keywords or budget from each other. Broad match campaigns were launched with a test budget to generate and mine for new keywords without wasting resources and bid adjustments were added to better align with key times that visitors were on the site and most likely to request a demo. Integration of SalesForce back into the ads platform helped identify new long-tail keywords that were playing an assisting role in downstream outcome such as closed customers. These keywords that showed specific interest and buyer intent were used to further optimize and scale campaigns dedicated to first nurturing the right prospects.

In addition to campaign restructure, Statwax also worked with the company to create and deploy new landing pages featuring more relevant and customized content, designed to speak to key prospects at newly-identified points in the customer journey. Tracking and tagging was also tweaked to ensure allStatwax efforts were being attributed properly and reflected in the Pardot CRM. 

As campaigns began running, a robust video and paid and social media ad remarketing campaign was launched to those who had visited key pages but had not signed up for a demo.

In addition, those who had downloaded other relevant content on the site were added to remarketing lists so ads could help propel them down the funnel. New tactics were also deployed, including running ads on Quora, the question and answer website, around topics like employee engagement, employee surveys, etc.

Finally, Statwax teamed up with the company to build a campaign around promoting a series of webinars and other content downloads, using the information to provide further messaging to those people to help them along the path to a demo. 


Doing the work to truly understand your closed customer data and buyer personas and putting that data to use helps you more efficiently reach and nurture target customers while using your budget more efficiently. 

Put the data you have to work for you. Want to learn how? Let’s start a conversation.

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