First and foremost we are a team. Growing as a business and doing well as people for us is all centered on how we work together to achieve the common goals of our clients and Statwax itself.

We respect each others’ individual professional and personal gifts, celebrate the individual contributions each person brings, and truly collaborate for the best results. We, of course, have some common themes that most of us share – we enjoy working with data, we really care about solving our clients problems, and we want to be true partners with each other and our clients – but our goal is that each person here can feel like a part of the team while also being their true self. If that sounds like a place you might want to work, we hope you explore our open positions and reach out to join us. 

To break it down, we are:
Digital strategists. Data scientists. Problem solvers. Numbers nerds. Question debaters. Critical thinkers. TEAMMATES.


Regular team outings and get togethers
Monthly board game challenge

Regular, company-sponsored professional development opportunities, stipends, and bonuses
Leadership training programs for emerging leaders and people managers

Thursday activity, a chance to hang out and get to know each other as a team
Mental and physical health resources, including a gym stipend
Equipment stipend
Paid volunteer days off
Work from home/flexible work options
Half day Fridays
Snacks and swag!


Health insurance
Dental insurance
Short-and long-term disability insurance
Flexible spending accounts
Employee assistance program
401k and 401k matching
Generous PTO and paid holiday program that starts on day 1 of employment

Our Commitments

Statwax is an authentic place for all perspectives and voices to be heard through continuous learning, inclusive systems of fairness, with equitable access to opportunities.

Join Our Team


This team is responsible for all our search engine marketing activities, from paid search and paid social to online TV, radio, and digital OOH. Fun fact: This is our largest team at Statwax, with folks based in both our Fishers and Dallas offices.


Our search engine optimization team handles everything from technical SEO requests around redirects, site maps, and schema to content marketing for websites and landing pages. Fun fact: This was the second-ever service team added at Statwax.


Handles all of our client data operations, like dashboards and visualizations, and data innovation, like forecasting, and data modeling. Fun fact: This team has their own team name - Dataway. Because which way does the data go? Dataway.


These folks are responsible for the visual identity of our work, both internal and external. Think graphic design, landing page design, branding, and amazing visual elements. Fun fact: This team gets to not only do work for our clients, but also work on Statwax branding and design.


Ensures that our team is delivering what our clients are paying us for, and our clients are getting the experience from our team they are looking for. These folks are a perfect blend of client services and internal service team coordinators. Fun fact: This team’s work tool of choice is Asana.


Many of our efforts for our clients will fall flat if the online destination we point customers too isn’t up to par. The conversion rate optimization team works to ensure we are delivering an experience for the users of our client websites and landing pages that leads to completing our client goals. Fun fact: This is a cross-functional team made up of members from several services.

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