We're looking for only the best humans.

Digital Devotees Wanted

Our Values

  • We insist on the highest standards
  • Everyone has a voice
  • Learning never stops
  • Honesty on all levels
  • Transparency is a marketing right, not a privilege
  • Robots not welcome

Our Benefits

  • Flex/work from home days throughout the entire year
  • Snacks ranging from healthy to chocoholic available at all times
  • Free gym membership, with personal trainer option
  • Professional development and volunteer opportunities in and outside the office
  • A generous health insurance program and 401k participation with up to 4% match

Love Digital

You’re excited to have like-minded folks to geek out with over digital media

Love Gadgets

You prefer robots as gadgets, in movies, and as a signature dance – but not as an alternative to your own human insight

Hate Walls

Open office environments are where you thrive

Sense of Humor

You don’t mind taking a break to jump into a spontaneous session of jokes and witty banter

Celebrate Success

You think that celebrating success with a mini desk gong sounds awesome

Sign Me Up

You’re nodding your head right now and looking for the application link

Open Positions


SEM Specialist

As a member of our ads team, you’ll be given the opportunity to master your digital skills, craft custom campaigns, and lead your clients to success. You’ll build strong relationships with your clients as you take on their goals as your own, and you’ll communicate your successes on a digital wavelength they understand. You’ll use your digital prowess to go beyond mediocrity for your campaigns, your clients, and your career. Work with us as we use our PPC and SEM skills to fuel a more efficient digital future, one that drives change for our clients and the world around us.

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Skills we’re looking for:

  • Management and execution of day-to-day duties of digital advertising campaigns, including placement, optimization, analysis, and reporting
  • Ability to actively listen and proactively communicate internally and externally
  • Ability to build relationships and communicate campaign performance and strategy to clients at all levels of digital familiarity
  • Generation of consistent, high-quality digital advertising results based on client goals
  • Experience with PPC/SEM advertising (Google and/or Bing), social media advertising and/or Google Analytics
  • Experience writing ad copy and performing a/b testing
  • Possession of ground-level Google and Bing certifications and working towards certification in all areas offered
  • Familiarity with research and analytical tools to properly optimize client campaigns
  • Experience working in a client services environment
  • Flexible and collaborative work style, with the ability to handle multiple assignments, projects, and client budgets
  • Efficient in time management and personal organization
  • Be ready, willing and able to roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done
  • Ability to work independently and with others and have a “hit the ground” running attitude
  • Regularly participate in internal training “lunch and learns” to demonstrate knowledge and leadership

Preferred: Experience with creating and implementing custom scripts/Google Tag Manager, experience placing/working with ads in the education space

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Ad Analytics Intern

Are you a numbers nerd who doesn’t shy away from data crunching? Statwax is looking for you to join our team as an Ad Analytics Intern! We need someone who enjoys analyzing numbers, utilizing pivot tables and Excel. The main focus of this position will be to assist our ads team with analysis of current campaigns, data gathering/analysis/forecasting, and reporting ad results to clients.

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What you’ll learn:

  • How to use Google Analytics to find, sort, report and analyze client data and turn it into business solutions for current, ongoing client campaigns
  • How to communicate data results and insights to clients of varying levels of knowledge
  • How to derive insights from data to showcase digital advertising’s impact on overall marketing efforts
  • The ever-growing and critical role of data analysis in digital advertising execution and performance
  • How to work in a fast-paced agency environment, both independently and with teams

What we need from you:

  • A knowledge and passion for accounting, finance or economics basics
  • A love for data and analysis, and a desire to learn how to apply those skills to derive insights
  • Proficient in Excel, preferably with experience manipulating data sets
  • A knowledge of statistical analysis and data graphing
  • Ability to work independently on data research projects, or with a team when the need arises
  • The ability to openly communicate and keep projects organized and delivered on time

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Digital Design Intern

Statwax is looking for a digital design junkie who likes creating graphics as much as they enjoy coding websites. The main focus of this internship will be to help assist with the development and implementation of landing page designs, as well contribute creative ideas and pieces to real client campaigns.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Information and hands-on experience with website design and development for real, ongoing client campaigns
  • A glimpse into the entire digital advertising process, from ad copy creation to ad placement and reporting
  • The role digital advertising plays in the overall marketing strategy of a client
  • How to work in a fast-paced agency environment
  • The importance of team-based approach to digital advertising

What we need from you:

  • Excitement and passion about the world of digital advertising and a thirst to learn more about the industry
  • Experience (via class or self-taught) WordPress and the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Graphic design experience, especially in designing projects for the web
  • Ability to work independently on projects and with a team when the need arises
  • The ability to openly communicate and keep projects organized and
    delivered on-time

Who we are:

What’s the difference between an agency run by bots, and one run by people? Elbows. See, the carbon-based lifeforms here at Statwax are emphatic believers in elbow grease. Bots don’t have elbows, so they can’t welcome campaign success with open arms. We get along well with technology, but we like to keep a close eye on the data and adjust algorithms to better fit our client and their audience’s needs. We believe that learning never stops, everyone has a voice and that humans are way more fun to work with than robots.

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