August 27, 2020

Why your SEM agency should also be your SEO firm

When it comes to marketing, there’s nothing like a coordinated effort to fully execute your strategy. Having your search engine optimization (SEO) company aligned with your search engine marketing (SEM) team can make a vast difference in the amount and quality of traffic that your site experiences. 

Main Role of SEO

The main role of SEO in your company’s marketing strategy is to make sure that users are able to organically find your website. SEO focuses on optimizing your website structure and generating quality content on your site with many different techniques to bolster your reputation in the eyes of search engines. Through optimization methods, such as keyword implementations and structured snippets, SEO specialists are able to make your website rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). When it comes to the SERPs, you want to rank as highly as you can because 67.6% of users click on one of the top five results of a search.

Main Role of SEM

SEM is also a crucial element in any professional marketing strategy as it can fill in any gaps left by your SEO strategy. This tactic can also help you compete against competitors in a saturated market. SEM can be implemented to generate traffic, leads, or online conversions. These digital marketers use a variety of paid ad platforms to generate traffic and conversions by getting your brand in front of the right customers. Through paid ads, marketers are able to get in front of new and untapped markets unreachable by organic search.

When searching externally for digital marketing services, it’s a good idea for a company to look to hire a firm to work on both their organic and paid marketing strategy. Companies who run SEO & SEM through the same agency gain some particular advantages over their competition. Here are a few key ways that having the same agency execute your SEO and SEM campaigns can give your business an advantage. 

Building Company Brand

While one of the main focuses of SEO is adding high performing keywords to your site’s content, you will never be able to add them all. You may also want to test out some new keyword phrases based upon what’s currently trending in the industry, but your SEO agency may not be able to nimbly implement trending keywords in a reasonable time. Our SEM team has learned that one of our biggest competitive advantages is being able to work in tandem with our SEO on building up a company’s brand. Smooth communication between our teams lets our SEM try out new keywords, find any diamonds in the rough, then give them over to our SEO team to implement into a site’s content.

Expanded Opportunity and Markets

When our SEO team develops a set of keywords to implement, they work hand-in-hand with our data team to analyze traffic and search trends. This is important because the data team helps our SEO team figure out which keywords would be most advantageous to improve SERPs ranking. Additionally, our SEM team has our data team run an N-gram analysis on the key terms to find long-tailed keywords. Long-tailed keywords are important keywords that tend to be longer phrases that may have lower search volume but high intent and are more likely to convert. These are low hanging fruit search terms that have slipped through the cracks which our SEM team then turns into keywords. 

These are just a few of the methods we utilize to make sure that our clients are showing up organically for the terms that best represent their brand and that they are only paying for the various terms that are currently trending in their respective markets. 

Collaboration is Key to Marketing Success

Great collaboration between your paid ad strategy & your organic marketing efforts can also expand your digital presence by having your SEM agency get your name in front of markets your SEO team cannot. This also helps you compete against poaching competitors by having a strategy that makes your site rank both organically and through paid efforts. Also, this cross-team work facilitates traffic generation strategies by allowing your teams to better utilize all of the collected data from both SEO & SEM. These, in addition to utilizing PPC to test out SEO new keywords, is what can take your digital marketing strategy to the next level. 

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