Statwax Team Celebrates 5 Years


We’re excited to be celebrating our fifth year as a company in 2020! Though this year looks a little different for our team, we still took the time to celebrate as a group. 

Being farther apart due to the pandemic, our goal was to not let distance put a damper on our culture or our connection. We have a dedicated, hard-working, fun-loving group that came together to help further digitize our culture and come up with new ideas to make us all still feel like a team during difficult times. We’re excited to see what opportunities and challenges the next five bring! 

collage for Statwaxaversary year 5

In honor of our fifth “Statwaxaversary” we asked our team to share some of their favorite Statwax memories. Here are a few they mentioned. 

Team memories

  • Winning the VERY first Statwax PIG basketball trophy! – Alyshia Madlem, Executive Vice President (Fishers)
  • Traveling to our Dallas office with Jordan (Data Team Lead) for a conference and also getting to see the Statwax Dallas team – Joe Preiss, Sr. Strategist, Data Innovation Team (Fishers)
  • Our best pizza bracket challenge – Anthony Schimmoeller, SEM Team Lead (Fishers)
  • I love a recent experience we started, our Waxie Women Wine Night. All of the women of our office get together to socialize, talk, and have fun together (remote or in-person) – Emmelyn Brandt, Sr. SEM Specialist (Fishers)
  • All the fun PIG and shuffleboard games as well as our Statwax Hawaiian Christmas theme holiday party! – Amanda Gwidt, Client Experience Team Lead (Fishers)
  • All the various trips to conferences or client meetings with different people. You learn so much more about your teammates when traveling and seeing/enjoying new places. It’s always been fun getting to new cities and getting to know some folks outside of the office a bit more, and hopefully one day that part of the job will return again. – Brian Walker, President (Fishers)
  • Getting the experience to move to Indiana and join the Statwax team in-office in Fishers for a few years. – Arshad Rehman, Vice President and SEO Team Lead (Dallas)
  • The Jeopardy Statwaxaversary game and also in general the healthy competitiveness that shines in this group! – Heidi Hackett, Controller (Fishers)

5 year favorite memories of Statwax collage

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