January 29, 2021

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An SEO Services Agency in 2022



As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the world, businesses are looking to recover. Many companies are looking to ramp up their digital marketing strategies before competitors step back onto the digital marketing playing field and, in 2022, having SEO services or an SEO agency is the name of the game.

Previously thought to be “hidden tricks” and “hacks”, search engine optimization is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy and website development plan. That is if you want to get seen in the search results for free.


What Is SEO & How SEO Helps Your Business

Simply put, search engine optimization is a series of strategies created to help search engine crawlers find valuable information on your website and serve it to searchers. There is no instruction manual for the perfect SEO plan but, it could include site architecture changes, permalink edits, content strategies, and, of course, keyword research.

SEO is one of the most affordable ways to reach the top of the search results. Unlike paid search ads, working on SEO is a completely free way to drive traffic to your website. However, you may consider hiring an SEO agency to make the most of your marketing dollars and see the quickest return on your investment.


Why Do I Need to Invest In An SEO Agency In 2022?

With a global economy eager to get back to business as usual and marketers dusting off old strategies left on the conference room table in March 2020, the business landscape is looking more competitive in the coming months. Now, it’s critical to invest in every aspect of your marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition, especially your SEO. The benefits of a strong SEO strategy are endless, but, since you’re here, we’ll name exactly how SEO helps your business:


  • Organic search is often the main source of website traffic.

Considering that Google is the most visited site on the web, it’s no surprise that organic search is typically the main source of traffic for any given website. When someone has a problem or a question, they often seek search engines to “Google it” and find an answer. 


  • An SEO services agency can help you better understand consumers

Monitoring keyword trends and search intent helps you get to personally know your consumer base. Using SEO tools such as Google Search Console, you can uncover the search terms users are searching for to get to your website. Thus, this gives insight into what consumers value about your site and what their needs are. You can use this to build other campaigns in the future. 


  • SEO will improve your website’s overall user experience.

In 2021, positive UX played a major role in the search rankings. “What is user experience?” you might ask. User Experience, or UX, is one of those complex SEO elements that go far beyond target keywords or title tags. 


A recent study shows 88% of online shoppers don’t return after a bad user experience and 70% of online businesses fail due to poor user experiences. However, user experience doesn’t just affect human users. Search engine crawlers also benefit, thus, Google is now favoring websites with positive UX features. Even if you have engaging content and a sleek design, you may want to consider adding the following for better UX:

  • Faster loading speeds
  • User-friendly URLs
  • A streamlined site architecture
  • Simple, easy-to-navigate interface


If you want your business to thrive, especially if your business relies heavily on customer acquisition or lead generation, it’s important to start investing in your SEO. Without a digital marketing strategy that includes a sophisticated SEO strategy, your business will only fall behind the competition. That’s where an SEO agency comes in.

How Do I Increase My Website’s SEO?

With many companies facing shoestring budgets and skeleton crews, hiring an in-house SEO team or tasking your marketing department with SEO projects can be difficult. If your business is in this position, hiring a digital marketing agency for SEO might be the best solution.

Partnering with an SEO agency has countless benefits and, surprisingly, can be more cost-effective than hiring an SEO freelancer or derailing your in-house marketing team from everyday responsibilities. Because marketing agencies have specialized SEO teams, your website will be optimized by skilled professionals who keep up with the ever-changing landscape of SEO. Because SEO is constantly evolving and the strategies go far deeper than hiding keywords on a website, search engine optimization is better left to the professionals.

Maybe you’ve tried to do your own SEO or maybe you just don’t have the time? No matter the reason, if you’re ready to increase your organic traffic and boost your organic conversions, let’s connect. The SEO experts at Statwax are ready to help your company rise through the ranks





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