May 18, 2020

Using Quora Marketing Services for Customer Acquisition

You may already be using marketing tools like LinkedIn and Google to reach your target audience. But, your competitors are probably also using those digital platforms. That makes it harder to get your message out and to keep your marketing costs down. Additionally, the performance of your digital campaigns may be lagging due to an oversaturated social media environment. All of these factors may have your marketing team looking for new ways to reach potential customers. That’s where Quora marketing tools come into your business’s strategy. Here are a few things you need to know about Quora’s marketing services, best practices, and its benefits.

Using  Quora marketing tools in customer acquisition strategy

If you’re not already familiar with the platform, Quora is an online community where users can ask questions and provide information on any given topic. Currently, there are over 400,000 topics available, including those that could aid in your customer acquisition efforts. 

Quora isn’t like other Q&A communities because the platform prides itself on featuring in-depth answers from knowledgeable professionals and thought leaders. Because of this format, Quora is a great place to establish both brand and industry-specific authority. Of Quora’s 300 million users on the platform, 37% are likely to be in a management position, meaning you can directly reach decision-makers who are searching for answers to their pain points. Also, adults spend 2x as much time on Quora than LinkedIn, the usual go-to for acquisition customers to find new prospects. 

Quora’s digital marketing tools enable your business to get extremeley specific to reach your audience. Subcategories and keywords allowing marketing teams to micro target users with a layer of precision that isn’t present on other digital platforms. That means you establish your brand as an industry leader and resource by directly answering relevant questions. You can be a resource on your businesses, products, and services rather than a company that is only trying to push a product. 

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the digital marketing resources Quora offers for customer acquisition efforts. 

Quora Targeting Options 

Quora offers six main targeting options.

  • Topic Targeting: This marketing tool helps target the topics relevant to your business to reach your audience. Though the targeting is broad, it can help you connect with users in industry-specific forums or product/service-based categories. 
  • Question Targeting: Get your brand in front of people asking questions you can answer on the platform’s specific questions pages. This targeting can be very granular, down to questions about specific products, services, and pain points.
  • Keyword Targeting: Target specific keywords on question pages that your audience is searching for. You can also use this tool to target your competitors at a more affordable cost compared to Google or Bing. 
  • Website Audiences: This option is especially useful for remarketing campaigns because you can create an audience based on your website traffic.
  • List Match Audiences: Similar to custom match options on other platforms, Quora list match enables you to create an audience from a list of email addresses.  
  • Interest Targeting: Target Quora users who have recently engaged with the platform by answering relevant questions and upvoting topics.

Start by doing some research to see what questions and topics would be best to target for your campaigns. You may find some surprising areas where your ideal customers are asking questions that you hadn’t thought of or ways to refine your company personas

Quora also gives you the chance to test new audiences or former audiences by answering a question that is relevant to your product or service. After launching your marketing plan, check out suggested topics you could expand to under the Contextual Targeting option. 

Quora Ad Formats

While the possibilities are endless, there are three main ad formats supported by Quora:

  • Text ads 
  • Image ads
  • Promoted answers 

Interactions on Quora make it feel like a social network for users. But as a marketer, the ad and targeting options feel more like a search engine. That means that you can finesse your marketing messaging, making your ads appear natural and conversational while reaching your audience. Combined with the variety of targeting options, Quora enables you to add unique touchpoints to each customers’ journeys. 

Lower saturation may be one of the greatest benefits to using Quora for marketing. Since many brands don’t consider Quora when searching for digital marketing real estate, it’s possible that you could see lower costs and more attention from users. 

Unlike similar ad platforms, Quora offers the unique ability to provide rich and useful insight to users. Additionally, you can establish brand awareness while solidifying your position as a thought leader. Marketers looking to expand their reach or looking for new places their customers might be should consider the benefits of adding Quora to their marketing mix. 

Want to know if Quora is a good fit for your business’s customer acquisition strategy? Reach out to our digital marketing experts today.

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