June 24, 2020

Best Digital Marketing Platforms for Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition methods have transformed from cold calls and junk mail into the sophisticated digital advertising landscape we know today. In the days of analog advertising, getting a marketing message in front of multiple customers required literal in-your-face efforts. Today, with the internet as our platform, we create multiple digital touchpoints to reach hundreds of consumers before they make a purchase. 

Luckily for us, digital marketers have several tools to reach potential buyers and create personalized customer acquisition campaigns. These tools include digital platforms that offer specific techniques like remarketing tags and persona targeting to reach ideal audiences. 

Here are some of the top digital platforms your marketing team can use if you’re looking to level up your customer acquisition strategy,  

Use Google Adwords to Boost Search Volume & User Volume

When it comes to digital marketing platforms, Google Ads plays a major role in your customer acquisition strategy. Google is the leading search engine in the world, taking up a 75 percent share of the search engine industry. Imagine: if someone is searching for a solution, they’re likely to do a quick Google search at some point in their customer journey. If you can provide that solution, that user could potentially stumble across your business in the SERPs. Advertising on Google is great for digital marketing sheerly due to the volume of both users and searches conducted on the platform daily. 

One drawback to advertising on Google is its popularity among marketers and digital agencies. With low barriers of entry to use the platform, competitors are more likely to encroach on your advertising territory, which can drive up the cost of keyword bids. When advertising on Google it’s essential to continually monitor what terms your competitors are bidding on. Use that information to look for longtail keywords with less competition and create digital ad campaigns to poach potential customers from your competition. 

Google’s digital marketing platform is also a great way to get a higher volume of users to your site. However, users don’t always convert on their first visit to a site. This is where remarketing comes in to play in your customer acquisition strategy.

Use Facebook for Remarketing to Prospective Consumers

Once a customer has visited your site, the easiest way to get them back is with an effective remarketing strategy. Digital marketing platforms utilize cookies, embedded tags, and website pixels to track users and tag them for future ad campaigns. While you can always use a remarketing strategy through Google, the most successful remarketing platform tends to be Facebook. 

With a newsfeed embedded with ads, Facebook is a fundamental weapon to any customer acquisition marketer’s arsenal. Customers are more likely to convert when exposed to a brand multiple times. Once you’ve interacted with a user and flagged them with a Facebook pixel then you can deliver a secondary ad. 

Since Facebook owns Instagram, you can also use Facebook in your customer acquisition strategy by posting your ads on the Instagram platform. This strategy can help you tap into a wider audience, larger communities, and capture new users. Additionally, Instagram tends to cater to a slightly younger audience than Facebook so it’s a good place to reach those segments and run A/B tests. 

Use LinkedIn and Bing for Persona Targeting

LinkedIn is also a phenomenal digital marketing platform when it comes to targeting potential customers for your customer acquisition efforts. This platform, with its multi-data-point targeting technology, allows digital marketers to have more in-depth control over who sees their ads. If your marketing team has identified a set of personas based on job sector, education, role, age, interest, or experience, this platform is right for you. 

Microsoft also acquired LinkedIn in 2016 which was a huge deal for digital marketers using Bing’s search platform. After the acquisition, Bing began to integrate LinkedIn’s targeting parameters in its advertising network. Now digital marketers can utilize these tools to bring their persona targeting to a wider search audience. Although the Bing network does serve a smaller base of users, the costs are low, making it a useful platform for any marketer with a limited budget. 

Altogether, these digital marketing tools will bolster lead generation campaigns for any customer acquisition marketer. Using Google is a great way to get your company out in front of the widest base of customers who have a specific search intent for a product. Remarketing on apps like Facebook and Instagram gives you the opportunity to get customers familiarized and have multiple touchpoints with your brand. When utilizing strategies such as persona targeting, remember to use digital marketing platforms like LinkedIn to focus on a small, select group of qualified individuals. 

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