Seven 2017 Digital Advertising Predictions

2017 digital advertising predictions

The New Year is here and with it, our predictions for the big boosts and blunders in digital advertising. We passed a crystal ball around the office, and here’s what the team saw when they looked inside.

  • Programmatic problems push on: Bot scams and metric misreporting are going to leave companies disappointed in their ROI. Transparency issues in programmatic ad placement will be clearer than the fingers pointing at it.
  • Ad tech takes off: 360-degree experiences will take ad immersion and personalization to the next level. You can expect to hear more about virtual reality, augmented reality too… there are no ifs, ands, or bots about it. Okay, well some bots.
  • Cross device catch up: 2017 will make strides in answering the billion dollar question of tracking users across different devices, increasing the value of digital conversion funnels.
  • AI becomes a smart move: As artificial intelligence becomes more common in home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home, a world of new opportunity will open to companies with a local service focus.
  • Beacons find the light: Digital billboards have gotten smarter in targeting and tracking users, and the tech improvements will get even smarter this year.
  • Attention spans will… ooh shiny object!: As users are inundated with more and more video, and ads on more devices and platforms, impactful and succinct messaging will become an even bigger necessity.
  • Twitter troubles: The struggling ad platform will continue to pop up in acquisition rumors as companies eye its data pool. The industry will chirp about it, but the platform will stay quietly unchanged.

The digital advertising industry is constantly and rapidly evolving. From one day to the next, trends, tech, and resources can skyrocket or take a hard left turn. We’ve got our finger on the pulse, and we can’t wait to see what the year brings.


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