SaaS Marketing Strategies: The Ultimate Guide for Digital Success

In general, marketing is hard to get right. Between creative demands, budgetary constraints, and channel choices, there are many things to juggle. However, when it comes to SaaS marketing, there are additional obstacles to overcome.  While most marketers include sales funnels analysis and demand generation as a part of their strategies, SaaS companies must heavily […]

How to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics Remarketing

Utilizing remarketing lists in Google Analytics can be extremely powerful for education advertising campaigns. Prospective students have thousands of touch points across weeks and months of decision-making before they choose a school to enroll at. Turning to remarketing tactics to ensure these prospects continue to be impacted by your school and messaging is key to […]

Agency vs. In-House Digital Marketing Team

Marketers are continually being asked to do more (social media/digital advertising/email marketing) with less (dollars/resources/people). As brands are looking at their marketing needs, this dichotomy brings up an age-old debate – do you, as a marketing executive, hire internal team members to handle all your needs, or do you look into hiring a digital agency? […]

How to Track Links in Google Analytics

If you’re using Google Analytics to enhance your school’s digital capabilities, chances are that you frequently find yourself in the Source/Medium report in the Acquisition section. When viewing sources in this report, they often can be grouped in ways that don’t provide all of the insights you need regarding your marketing efforts. The most efficient […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your Next Digital Agency

The way prospective students are finding education solutions is changing every day, especially when it comes to the digital space. Choosing a digital marketing partner with the proper knowledge of the education vertical is key. The wrong choice can lead to inefficient marketing spend, missed inquiry goals, and a shortage in starts. But finding a […]

What You Can Learn from a Website Heatmap

Having a functioning website is a major part of seeing success in higher education, but if you think things stop there then you are setting up for failure. Deciding to get information on a school is a long-lead process for most prospective students. Unless you understand the pros and cons of your website and how […]

A/B Split Testing Basics

Online marketing for higher education is about always pushing things forward – finding those incremental gains that can bring in more inquiries with each tweak or optimization. In an industry with the long lead time like education, testing for the perfect mix of messaging, creative, page design, and more is key. It can be the […]

Demand Generation vs Lead Generation

Demand generation vs lead generation, what’s the difference? Is there any? If you ask your local digital marketing aficionado, there’s a good chance that they’ll use the terms interchangeably. But, they shouldn’t.  Demand generation and lead generation occupy specific and important slots in your Software as a Service (SaaS) funnel and shouldn’t be overlooked in […]

How to Improve Lead Quality

It’s a struggle finding quality leads that move your business in the right direction. Generating high-quality leads takes a lot of time. You can take several steps to improve your lead quality, including following predetermined criteria and analyzing data on inbound communication. You might also consider using a SaaS marketing strategy that helps you gather […]