September 10, 2019

Statwax Team Spotlight: Zack Henry, SEM Director

At Statwax we value the new. New ideas often lead to change, and change is the catalyst to improvement. Stepping outside of our comfort zones means challenging ourselves to come up with better solutions to our problems – both professionally and personally. As a team, we are always eager to take on new adventures that will lead us to new insights.

One of the most adventurous of individuals is our next Statwax team spotlight member: Zack Henry. Zack is SEM Director who not only leads ad campaigns for our clients but also helps our Director of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) run our Dallas, TX office. Building a satellite office from the ground up requires an openness to change and a passion for the unknown – both of which Zack has in spades. Want to know what other kinds of adventures Zack has been up to? Read our Q & A!

What makes you proud to work at Statwax?

I love the company culture. Even though I was the first hire for an external office away from our Fishers headquarters, I’ve felt welcomed and at home ever since day one, which is pretty crazy! My bosses, have done a phenomenal job to make sure that I have all the support that I need. They even brought me out to the home office to get to know the rest of the team! I also love our clients, and how Statwax strives to curate a positive and supportive relationship with their clients – much as they strove to accommodate me and my needs as a new hire.

Why did you choose to work at a digital marketing agency that was focused in the education space? 

Before Statwax, I was in the marina industry doing all things digital marketing – from running websites to social to PPC. I was originally looking for any kind of marketing agency, but throughout my job search, Statwax stood out as being in higher education. I am dating a teacher and between that relationship and my own educational experiences, I have come to see the major impact a good education can have on kids. To me, helping a student get connected with the right school and education path is way more impactful than selling someone retail or some other product/service online.

What qualities do you think sets Statwax apart from other digital marketing agencies?

Besides our phenomenal looks and funny personalities? I would say we foster creativity and innovation when it comes to digital marketing. Our collaboration seems to really set us apart from other marketing teams that I have worked with in the past. There is always someone willing to help and a fresh pair of eyes is a huge help most of the time!

How does Statwax support your professional development?

There are always new challenges – both in the client space and internally. For example, we currently have an individualized Bingo competition going on that challenges us to go outside of our comfort zones. Everyone can be doing something different on their Bingo sheets, but as we cross each one out, we are all building ourselves and in turn, our team, up.

What are some of the ways that the Statwax office celebrates successes?

Praise. Positive feedback here is not in short supply. I especially love our Taco rewards system on Slack. Even though it’s just a quick emoji tag, when you feel the rest of the team get behind you it really feels like you are contributing. You don’t have to get praise to be doing a good job, but getting that praise reinforces that you are doing a good job. It boosts motivation and morale.

What is your favorite thing about working in the Statwax office?

I love the team members. I love being able to come to work and not worry about baggage or drama. They care about your personal life as well. It’s really cool to have my coworkers check in on my personal and professional life. If you can ace a report or a client call, that’s another great thing because of the amount of encouragement that goes around. Everyone’s very cool!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I’m a big nerd. I love Star Wars, collecting memorabilia, and playing Dungeons and Dragons every weekend. My family has been in the brewing industry for several years now, so I’m also very active in the craft beer scene. It’s very cool to be a part of the process. Having worked in the marina industry, I’m also a huge fan of water sports. I love wakeboarding, scuba diving, surfing, and sailing. 

Favorite place you’ve ever been to?

Man, that’s a tough one. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to lots of places. I would say the Great Barrier Reef, backpacking across Europe during college, and Dubrovnik, Croatia are some of the best places I’ve been. 

What is a goal/aspiration you have for the upcoming year?

As we build the Dallas team, I would really love to take on more of a leadership role. As we bring more people on board, I hope to be someone that they can look up to and be an expert on something. I want them to be comfortable asking me questions and to be able to answer them. 

Any advice/encouragement for others for those looking to join the industry?

Never stop learning. Especially in this industry. There’s always a new update, a new algorithm, a new engine to learn about. Stay current with the news. 

Just go out there and do it. It might be corny to say, but there’s nothing like experience besides experience. If you want to be in digital advertising, there is nothing stopping you but you. 

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