September 17, 2021

Web Accessibility Made Easy with AccessiBe

Statwax Partners with AccessiBe for 100% ADA Web Accessibility Compliance 

Statwax, a digital marketing agency, has had long standing goals of making our workplace accessible inside the office – but what we hadn’t thought as strategically about how accessible our web presence was to others. We quickly learned that we needed help to achieve this goal and searched for a partner to help us increase our website’s accessibility. We found the perfect partner in AccessiBe, a company which has the vision to make the entire internet accessible by 2025 so that everyone, with and without disabilities, can enjoy what the web has to offer. 


Why Meeting Web Accessibility Standards is Important 

Did you know that the disabled community makes up 20% of the entire population? Did you know that this community is also one of the most brand loyal groups of the entire population? Not only is making your website meet web accessibility standards the right thing to do for the greater good, it’s also good for business. 

Statwax Executive Vice President and Fishers Advisory Committee on Disability board member, Alyshia Madlem, has always been passionate about the topic of inclusion. “Accessibility is an important aspect of a brand’s presence that can often be overlooked. Here at Statwax we have always tried to ensure that our company was accessible to potential clients, team members, partners, and community members,” she said. “AccessBe made this easy for us to accomplish in a quick and efficient manner. The ability to add a simple line of code (versus involved web development) transformed our site in minutes to be compliant and we hope an ideal user experience no matter who visits our site. It felt great to have a simple, yet powerful, technology to help easily make our site more accessible and inclusive.”

In 2018, the Department of Justice clarified that websites are considered places of public accommodation and should therefore comply with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)Title III. Lawsuits filed citing non-compliance with this standard have since increased 300%. Brands and entities will continue to be increasingly held accountable as the need to enable accessible digital experiences becomes more prominent.


Statwax + AccessiBe Partnership 

AccessiBe makes the process of becoming a 100% ADA compliant and accessible website simple and easy. It took Statwax Design Team Lead, Cat Velde, less than 10 minutes to add the line code to our website and customize the add-on to be in our brand colors. 

“I couldn’t believe how simple it was! It made me wish that we had heard of AccessiBe a lot sooner. There’s no longer anything standing in every company’s way of becoming 100% compliant,” Cat encouraged.  what is responsive web design?

Statwax’s partnership with AccessiBe means that we can offer our clients a discount to sign up to add this service on their own websites. It’s a simple line of code you add to your website and you let the AI do the rest! This software monitors your newly ADA compliant website and automatically updates when something is needed. 

AccessiBe is the true solution for every company to have an ADA compliant website and Statwax is proud to partner with a company who is doing such great work. We didn’t just do it to be compliant, we did it because it’s the right thing to do. Go to to get your free audit of your website to see how you hold up to the ADA Title III standards, or visit to see the software in action!

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