January 26, 2022

Statwax Wins Three Powderkeg Unvalley Awards

At Statwax creating and maintaining a good company culture is critical to the success of our company and our people. We believe that our culture, which is based on our core values, is as important as the work that we do and the clients that we serve. We strive each day to keep our culture evolving and growing with our people and think we are doing a pretty good job – and so does the Powderkeg Unvalley Awards!

We are pleased to announce that Statwax is the recipient of three 2022 Powderkeg Unvalley Awards. This award program recognizes the best companies to work for in emerging tech communities beyond Silicon Valley. Statwax earned awards for:

  • Top-Rated Tech Companies
  • Best Companies – Remote
  • Best Companies – Work/Life Balance


The award-winning companies were selected based on data collected from the companies for their company profile on Powderkeg, supplemented with publicly available third-party data. Winners are recognized in 12 categories.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have won these three Unvalley awards from Powderkeg,” said Alyshia Kisor-Madlem, executive vice president and head of people operations at Statwax. “We have worked hard to build an inclusive, authentic culture that enables us to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing tech company while not losing work life balance, voices of our employees, or the desire to learn and grow our skills – I think these awards show we are doing a pretty good job!”

Alyshia Kisor-Madlem, Statwax Executive Vice President

So what are the hallmarks of the Statwax culture that helped our company win these awards? Check out some of the areas of focus of Statwax culture below.


Focus on Culture at Statwax

At Statwax we are intentional in our focus on culture. We have been able to have this focus by creating an environment that encourages employee-led groups, regular evaluation of our culture and culture efforts, and rooting initiatives in our core values. Some of our culture initiatives include:

  • Statwax Squad, our employee-led culture team that focuses on five pillars of our culture:
    • Activities and events
    • DEI efforts
    • Office enviornment and inclusion
    • Professional development
    • Volunteering
  • DEI discussion group, a bi-weekly meeting of team members to discuss diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging topics (also employee-led)
  • Monthly values award – Each month we give a Values Award to one employee who demonstrates one (or several) of our values. These awards are nominated by the team and voted on by the executive team.  

These are just a few examples of culture initiatives we have enacted over the years. Our goal is that we have the voices of our employees as a part of both the creation and execution of the efforts so they can help us make sure we are staying on course with the culture we have created.


Focus on Benefits and Perks at Statwax

In addition to culture initiatives, the Powderkeg Unvalley Awards examines benefits and perks at a company to determine a winner. There is generally a standard set of benefits – health insurance, paid time off, etc. – that companies offer, but those that are really looking to support their teams have gone beyond these foundational benefits, often with the guidance of their employees, to create even more beneficial packages. At Statwax we are one of the companies that have talked with our employees to ensure we are providing benefits they will use and that truly support them in their professional and personal lives. Here are some of the more unique perks and benefits we offer at Statwax:

  • Half-day Fridays in the summer – Team members wrap up work around 12:30 local time and have the afternoon free to pursue interests outside of work
  • Mental and physical wellness stipend – Each team member is eligible for a monthly stipend to be used to support their physical and/or mental health
  • Professional development bingo – Our gamified professional development and upskilling program that enables employees to earn bonuses for learning


What It’s Like to Work at Statwax from our Team

We of course love winning awards for our culture and work environment (and celebrating them!). And we can talk about ourselves all day, but the real, true measure of how good our culture is is what our employees think about the environment we provide. Below are a few quotes from our team about our company culture and what it is like to work at Statwax. 

“Statwax has a great work-life balance. It made working at Statwax very enjoyable over the past year.”

“I love the camaraderie among everyone and I especially appreciate the culture of learning. In my role, it is really valuable/necessary to have to time to learn new things built into my schedule. Even though I’m doing challenging work every day, I don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed. I’m happy to show up and do work every day.”

“”The culture is truly all about the team — finding out how each of our unique skills can help, where they fit, and how to maximize potential.”

Want to learn more about what it is like to work at Statwax? Check out our Culture page!

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