December 10, 2018

Statwax Names New President, Brian Walker

Statwax is pleased to announce the promotion of Brian Walker to the role of agency president. In this new role, Brian will lead digital strategy, development, and innovation, in helping education partners reach new digital successes.

“I’m thrilled to continue helping Statwax push the envelope of what’s possible in higher ed marketing. From the beginning, Statwax has striven to bring more efficient, higher-performing strategies to our partners. It’s been exciting to watch our efforts expand into SEO, CRO, and beyond, our team grow to include Dallas and Detroit hubs, and our partnerships thrive. It’s an honor to now be in a position to help drive that growth even more in order to continue providing the best possible service to our client partners.”

Brian has been a continuous source of innovation and motivation since Statwax’s creation in 2015. From keeping his pulse on the heartbeat of education regulations and evolving prospect behaviors, to modernizing the student journey and enrollment expectations, Brian continues to propel Statwax and our clients beyond the status quo. With his leadership we look forward to continued success and new opportunities for our agency and our partners in higher ed growth.

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