January 6, 2021

Major Higher Ed Institutions Turn to Statwax to Help Boost Enrollment Marketing Efforts


(January 5, 2021) – Fishers-based performance marketing agency Statwax is wrapping up a record year of growth, partnering with a number of colleges and universities in efforts to boost their enrollment marketing efforts. With COVID-19 impacting student acquisition, these schools turned to Statwax to help reverse trends and establish new strategies to meet enrollment goals.

Among the major institutions that Statwax added to its client roster in the last half of 2020 are the University of Missouri, Texas A&M University, Wabash College, and the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS). Statwax’s reputation and experience in the higher ed space made the agency an attractive partner for these schools. 

“We chose to partner with Statwax in this next phase of our digital marketing strategy because of their strong background in targeted, data-driven digital campaigns, their higher ed industry knowledge and CRM integration abilities that will enable us to map the entire student journey,” said Jaime Morgans, University of Missouri Director of Marketing.

Statwax has helped numerous higher ed clients surpass enrollment goals even during this unpredictable year, thanks to the company’s data-driven approach that better integrates marketing with admissions and enrollment information.

“2020 has forced a lot of changes and difficult decisions in the higher ed space,” says Statwax President Brian Walker. “But the schools that are remaining successful are the ones that know they can’t stop the marketing engine, and we’re happy to be here to show how to pivot and adjust to everything that’s happening in a smart, cost-efficient way.”

The agency also hit other major milestones in 2020, including:

  • Statwax was the sole U.S.-based agency named as Microsoft Advertising’s Celebrated Partner in late 2020.
  • Statwax’s digital marketing efforts won a MarCom Gold Award for helping increase student lead volume and enrollment for a client in the online learning space. Statwax campaigns were also finalists for the U.S. Search Awards and the Search Engine Landy Awards.
  • Higher education clients experienced year-over-year growth from marketing efforts, including all-time highs in application and enrollment volume that allowed for increased marketing budgets, new program launches, and expansion into additional Statwax capabilities such as SEO and landing page design.
  • Statwax experienced a 50% growth in headcount from last year, adding new team members across multiple service areas in both the Fishers and Dallas, TX offices.


Looking ahead to 2021, Statwax will continue to focus on partnering with higher education institutions looking to reverse downward enrollment trends and acquire more students for less money. Statwax will also focus on expanding work in the customer acquisition and SaaS vertical, as well as building out the agency’s data-as-a-service (DaaS) offering.

For more information about Statwax, please visit statwax.com 

About Statwax

Statwax is a performance marketing agency that delivers data-based, scalable campaigns for higher education and customer acquisition partners that produce real results. We leverage a deep understanding of potential buyer behaviors and years of industry-specific acquisition data to fundamentally change the way lead generation-focused companies approach prospects and the rapidly evolving digital behaviors they exhibit.


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