October 17, 2019

Higher Ed Choices: The Statwax Team Shares Their Journey

Higher education isn’t just something we love to support – it’s what got us here! The Statwax team has been talking about our alma maters recently, and how we wound up supporting, enrolling, and matriculating at our institutions of choice.

With schools across the nation, and a big range in our graduation years, the results were surprising. Common themes include scholarships, parents, and location.

In the team’s own words, here’s how we remember making the choice to attend our higher ed schools:

  • I was recruited for sports and got a scholarship. [University of Wisconsin Parkside]
  • After narrowing it down, campus tours were the final push. They helped me understand the culture of each school and gave me a close look at the program I was interested in. [Michigan State University]
  • Both my parents went there so they were advocates, and at the time I was looking to be in hospitality management which they were the #1 or #2 school for it in the nation back then. And it was cheaper on the wallet. [University of North Texas]
  • I was recruited for sports.  [Anderson University (Indiana)]
  • Was the biggest school in the local geography and gave a scholarship. [University of South Carolina]
  • I went to a sports tournament on campus and really liked it. [Arizona State University]
  • It was the closest to home, and I thought I’d enjoy the free rent and food my parents would provide me. Plus, I knew I could transfer the credits I got from taking community college courses during the summers. [University of Texas at Dallas]
  • They had a good school for my chosen major at the time. [Indiana University]
  • Found out about it through a parental connection and got a scholarship. [1150 Academy]
  • Distance – looked for a school that was far enough away from home to discourage random visits from family but was close enough in an emergency. [Eastern Michigan and Ohio State]
  • Parents cared about school ranking. [University of Toronto]
  • Friends went to the school and it was affordable. [Ball State]
  • More affordable than coastal schools and took transfers at the right time of year. [Purdue University]
  • It was the biggest school in the local geography and gave a scholarship. [University of South Carolina]

Want to know more about our team, and how we help other prospects enroll at higher ed institutions? Let’s talk.

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