April 9, 2019

Statwax Team Spotlight: Brian Walker, President

The Statwax team is made up of people with a higher than average thirst for knowledge. The work they put into driving inquiries and enrollments is the proof in the pudding – constantly bringing new platforms, techniques, and ideas to the table. We’re a team that’s not satisfied with guessing, and whether we’re dealing with paid search bids or even just analyzing our March Madness brackets, data and insight pave our paths.

This affinity for knowledge, and an eagerness to apply it, is just one of many things our team looks up to in senior leadership, notably from our President, Brian Walker. And so, we’re excited to continue our team spotlight series by diving into a Q & A with Brian.

As our agency President, Brian enjoys the freedom to think big picture. He likes to focus on “wow, not how” – figuring out how can be done later on. Brian’s position within Statwax is centered around advancing strategy and operations with a huge focus on ideas. He also sits on many agency calls and prioritizes maintaining relationships with the clients.

See what Brian has to say about working at Statwax and impacting higher ed marketing:

Why did you choose to work at a digital marketing agency that was focused in the higher education space?

The education space seemed like a great opportunity for us to do really good work. There aren’t many agencies that focus digitally on the education industry, making it a space with a lot of potential growth. And when we do our jobs well, it’s not like we’re just selling someone a widget and being done with it. We’re helping them change their lives – learn something new, find a better career, take better care of their family, and so on. Focusing in an area where we can all see the lifelong impact we’re having is really special to us.

Brian Walker Statwax Office

What qualities do you think sets Statwax apart from other digital marketing agencies?

We are a very client-focused and personal agency. All positions in the company, including mine, are client-facing. We have developed really great relationships with our clients because we’re so attentive and present the best level of service. I sit on many calls and ask how our clients are doing. And we apply that hands-on approach to everything we do, from strategy all the way to campaign optimization. We don’t want to turn your work over to robots or worker bees who you never see or hear from. Keeping in closer contact with our clients and their campaigns makes it possible to work toward each school’s unique goals, and to do it more efficiently than agencies who rely only on traditional or cookie cutter marketing.

What do you think is the biggest difference in working with education clients compared to other industries?

Working with education clients isn’t necessarily a slower process, but it’s an industry where it takes a longer amount of time to see results. We aren’t selling split-second decisions, we’re asking prospective students to make years-long commitments, so sometimes we don’t see the impact for months. This requires a unique, full-funnel approach to digital marketing. It also makes it extremely important to excel at data capture and insight. We have to be able to see the whole picture, and put that into reporting and words that help the client understand what’s going on and continue trusting in the process.

What do you think is the most important marketing lesson you’ve learned since working at Statwax?

Always have the mindset that you can and will be proven wrong. Digital marketing is constantly changing, so what works for one client will fail for another client. You can’t be stubborn, and can’t have a mindset of always doing what has worked before. Check your ego at the door, be willing to try and fail, and most importantly always be willing to learn and change up what you do the next time around.

What do you think has been the most significant change in the marketing industry this past year?

Anyone can do digital marketing and invest their time in Google courses, but very few can do it very well, and even fewer can incorporate additional aspects. With constantly changing student behaviors and increasing digital platform capabilities, proactively testing and adapting is a must. There is such a surge in competition for prospective students, so we are always looking for new opportunities to stay a step ahead.

You’ve been with Statwax since it was founded. What’s one of your favorite moments from over the years?

So many to count! Every time a new client comes onboard. The celebration for everyone, top to bottom, knowing that a school is taking a chance on us to help make them better. That’s always great to see, to remind me that we’ve built a company full of folks extremely dedicated and proud of what we do.

I would also say the first time we exhibited at a trade show. Just seeing our branding, our booth, and our people there representing Statwax out in the open for the first time with other long-established agencies was a huge milestone. It told me “we’re really in this for the long-haul now” and made me feel like we were ready to compete with anyone.

Brian Walker Family Photo

What is your favorite thing about working in the Statwax office?

Culture is a huge part of the Statwax office. We want employees to show up because they want to, not because they have to. Culture comes first for our employees and we believe if we keep employees happy, they will keep the clients happy. We are a very rowdy family bunch working in an open office that is defined by a collaborative and friendly atmosphere.

How do you spend your free time?

I spend a lot of my free time with my family – especially now with an 8-month old at home. I also love visiting breweries and wineries (with my wife, not the infant) and cooking any chance I can get. My wife and I are both huge sports fans, so that’s a constant hobby. Unfortunately, we’re only fans of teams that constantly let us down each season.

When coworkers come from other offices to visit, what’s one thing you highly recommend they should do in the Indianapolis area?

Eating Steak and Shrimp Cocktails at St. Elmos, Having a few drinks along Mass. Ave. and catching a Pacers or Colts Game. And if it’s nice, exploring 100 Acres at Newfields is one of the best outdoor activities in town!

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