January 11, 2022

A Digital Marketing Agency’s Ability to Be in Multiple Cities at Once


A typical day on the job looks different for every digital marketing agency. At Statwax, each employee’s scenery is unique thanks to their ability to be entirely remote if hired outside of the two cities with a Statwax office, Dallas, Texas, and Fishers, Indiana. Not only does Statwax have clients in higher education, B2B, and SaaS, but their employees can be found all over the U.S. working remotely or in person, and always efficiently. 

SEM, Creative, Data, and SEO for Higher Education

Statwax has a wide variety of service offerings for a potential higher education client, including SEM, creative, data, and SEO. No matter the service or services a higher ed client needs, they’ll be working with a team located in two or more cities. Despite this, higher education clients receive quality work delivered on time, reflecting the Statwax team’s ability to communicate effectively. Meeting deadlines can happen regardless of the timezone Statwax employees are in or the number of Zoom calls and Slack conversations needed. 

Embracing B2B and SaaS Clients in All Cities 

Higher education isn’t the only realm Statwax is in, thanks to their growing reputation. This digital marketing agency also works with B2B and SaaS clients, meaning the SEM, creative, data, and SEO teams specialize in all three areas. Having more than one area of expertise can be difficult for some agencies, but not this one. Statwax employees can work on higher education, B2B, and SaaS clients simultaneously, learning new things from each of them. And, just because a client is based somewhere that one of the two main Statwax offices isn’t in doesn’t mean their digital marketing onboarding process will be any less smooth.

A Digital Marketing Agency That Can Fly

The list of superpowers Statwax has is long, not to mention, these digital marketers can fly. If their clients are somewhere they’re not, hopping on a flight to present findings, introduce themselves, or address a concern a client has is no hassle whatsoever. They prioritize their clients outside of and in Fishers, Indiana, and Dallas, Texas. If a member of the SEM, creative, data, or SEO team is needed in a new place for internal or external reasons, Statwax makes it happen. Today, it’s essential to have a diversified agency, which is precisely what Statwax is, and will always strive to be.


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