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Data Nerds and Martech: What You Really Need to Know

Our guest, Brian Walker, President at Statwax, is an expert at helping brands identify the metrics they need and create a single, powerful thread that gets everyone on the same page.

Statwax with Brian Walker

Mike welcomes the President of Statwax, Brian Walker! Brian leads the operations and strategy for a team of SEM, SEO, and CRO experts providing digital tactics for SaaS and B2B clients. Mike and Brian discuss the process of challenging what’s possible within digital marketing to help businesses get more from their marketing dollars!

Digital Marketing: The Inside Track on Making it Work

Brian has helped Statwax push the envelope of what’s possible in B2B digital marketing. From the beginning, Statwax has striven to bring more efficient, data-driven performance strategies to their partners. They have witnessed their efforts expand into SEO, CRO, and beyond, their team grow to include a second office location in Dallas, and their partnerships thrive.