Photo collage of Statwax team at bowling and happy hours

Culture isn’t a dictatorship. It isn’t rigid, it’s something that evolves, grows, and is shaped by each person on the team. Here at Statwax we have tried and true core values, but we don’t have the same culture that we had when we were a company of five people. In fact, the culture we have when you read this won’t be the same one that we have when we reach the next milestone of team growth – and we like it that way.

We want all of our employees to use their voices to help us keep Statwax culture growing as our company grows. In doing this, we ensure we’re maintaining a place that you want to show up to every day – and not ONLY because it means a paycheck but because it’s a place that fulfills you professionally and supports you personally. This page will help you get to know your team, your company, and what we stand for – and as you grow with us, you will see yourself reflected in this document, helping evolve it as a team member.

Welcome to Statwax.

The Values We Live By

We have five core values that we call our non-negotiables - no matter how many team members we have or clients we work with, or how our culture evolves as we grow, these are the values that will always serve as our guiding lights.

never stop learning
support the team through personal accountability
value everyone’s authentic self
build transparency through trust
care about people as whole individuals

Statwax Culture Squad

Everyone here has a voice in our company, but we still need Statwax culture stewards. This is a group of people that help us keep our culture evolving in the right direction, and are advocates for living by our core values. We call these folks the Statwax Squad.
activities +
events squad
diversity +
inclusion squad
development squad
enviornment squad
Photo collage of Statwax team at bowling and happy hours
Our mission as a company is simple, yet impactful: To be the most trusted digital advertising partner for higher education institutions and customer acquisition businesses and employer for digital advertising enthusiasts.