Core Values Spotlight: Never Stop Learning

  Professional development and continued learning is something every company says it emphasizes. All businesses want their employees to get better and improve their skills and most employees see continued learning as a way to grow their careers. However, learning something new takes time. And though everyone has the best intentions to engage with the […]

Core Values Spotlight: Care About People As Whole Individuals

In this latest installment of our core value spotlight series, we’re highlighting our agency’s foundational principle of caring about people as whole individuals. It feels weird to tell people to care about people. It feels even weirder to tell companies to care about people. In our society, businesses are usually focused on profits and bottom […]

Core Values Spotlight: Valuing Everyone’s Authentic Self

For the next installment of our core values spotlight series, we’re focusing on our agency’s next foundational principle: valuing everyone’s authentic self. If you haven’t already, check out the first piece in the series, building trust through transparency.  Authentic is a term thrown around by a lot of companies. Brands ask employees to be authentic. […]

Core Values Spotlight: Building Transparency Through Trust

At Statwax, our core values serve as foundational pieces for how we do business and the culture of our company. We believe that culture is always evolving. As our team and business evolve, our core values remain the same. They are the building blocks to being a company employees are proud to work for and […]

Statwax Announces Internal Values Award Winners for 2020

  In 2019 our agency decided to launch a core values award program. Our original goal was to recognize two employees – a “rookie” who had been with our agency a year or less and a “veteran”. These awards would be handed out twice a year, once at our annual company anniversary celebration mid-year and […]

Big News

Some big news for Statwax… When Statwax was started in 2015, our goal was to become the most trusted growth marketing partner that we could for our clients. Over the years, we have become laser-focused on the skills we bring to our clients – digital advertising, SEO, data & analytics, digital creative strategy, and project […]

Statwax Wins Three Powderkeg Unvalley Awards

At Statwax creating and maintaining a good company culture is critical to the success of our company and our people. We believe that our culture, which is based on our core values, is as important as the work that we do and the clients that we serve. We strive each day to keep our culture […]

The Power of Pronouns: How to Respect Gender Identity at Work

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began there was a fundamental shift happening in what is important to people at work. No longer was the sole focus on pay or traditional benefits – a sense of good company culture, an environment of inclusion and belonging, and having a clear and growing career path was becoming increasingly […]

Statwax Team Spotlight: Heather Zalewski, SEM Strategist

  Onboarding into a new company during a global pandemic can be a daunting task. Chances to make connections with co-workers and learn your job functions can be stymied by technical glitches and physical distance. Our goal at Statwax has been to digitize our onboarding process to make it seamless and as welcoming as it […]

Statwax Team Spotlight: Scott Murff, SEM Team Lead

Digital higher ed marketing is ever changing. And at Statwax, we aren’t satisfied with merely reacting to trends, we want to innovate. When it comes to finding new ways to optimize and solve problems, our energy is boundless.  Our next Spotlight team member heavily subscribes to being a trailblazer in his industry. Scott Murff is […]