We Are A Performance Marketing Agency Focused on

Finding and Converting Your Customers

Fluent in conversions, not buzzwords.

Statwax is a nationally recognized, conversion-driven digital advertising agency focused on creating a true partnership with clients to reach lead and revenue goals. With over 40 years of combined digital leadership experience, our full-funnel approach combats the rising risks of ad fraud and brand security posed by programmatic and robotic reliance in the industry. We cut through the digital noise to reach users in the right place, time, and mindset to eliminate wasted ad spend and cultivate higher returns. We do this with zero-tolerance for the status quo, building hand-crafted, data-backed campaigns that are unique to your brand, goals, and audience. We are laser focused on results from our campaigns and we believe in 100% transparency -there are no ifs, ands, or bots about it.

The Funnel

Digital advertising is not one size fits all. Your consumers have a unique way of interacting with the web from the device they’re on, to their place in their purchase journey. Our funnel works to custom-tailor tactics and messaging at each touchpoint with your audience, replacing wasted budget and impressions with value – for you and for your customers.

Cultivating Higher Education Leads

The higher education search for prospective students requires an understanding of their journey to admissions. Statwax answers your audience’s needs along the entire digital path to drive more, and higher quality leads from inquiries to class starts.

Driving Smarter Ecommerce

Digital ecommerce has become full of clutter, robots, and waste. To combat those trends we custom-tailor hand-crafted campaigns to your goals and audiences. The result? More conversions, made more efficiently.

We don’t sell impressions.
We make them.